There's a New Chef in Town!

Posted on March 09, 2018

Hi there toons! Loopy Goopy Googlenerd here. And I'm not here just for vanity, I got a real reason!

My shop's officially finished! And to think it only took a small loan from Banker Bob to set up the funding for it as well!


Okay.. maybe a little from Donald Frump as well.. He told me he'd help me acquire

the biggest and brightest shop in all of Toontown Central for his "huge" plan to "make Toontown great again". It's so nice to finally have a shop for my own. Especially with all the construction going on outside! (but I'm not supposed to tell anyone about this, so don't let him know!)

The point is, after getting the funding and hiring some beavers hanging out around town to assist in the construction and refurbishment of my shop, I'm proud to say it's finally here for everyone to enjoy!

Come on down to my shop, Loopy's Balls on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central. You can't miss it, it's the second building on the right! (Getting that real estate wasn't cheap by the way.)

So, you might ask, "Loopy, what do I get from coming by your shop?".

Great question! I'll tell you. Coming down to my shop gets you some fresh spicy swedish meatballs. It's a true fan favorite and sure to fill your toony tummy to the brim.

In fact, I'll even treat each and every one of you guys to my very own sidequest! (In fact, I even heard some other toons around town are gonna be offering their own as well!) Come help me help you in my quest to be the very best meatball establishment in all of Toontown and I'll reward you in return! It's a beneficial deal, I promise!

I was even talking to Bouncer Bongo the other day and he loved my meatballs so much he said he'd give me my very own club! But when I went to look for toons to join it, it was almost like the town was empty. A trail of acorns... hmm... WAIT! Of course! They all went to Acorn Acres to fish in its brand new pond. It's quite a beautiful sight after all. When they taste my meatballs, though, they won't want to ever leave Toontown Central!

Well anyways, I hope you're all as excited as I am! There's still improvements to be made to my shop, so I have to tend to those, but I sure hope to see you all dropping by real soon at my very own shop! It's only a matter of time before this town is open again in tip top shape!

See you toons around!