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Posted on December 01, 2019

Greetings, Toons of The World! 
Welcome to a very special edition of the Toontown: Corporate Clash Blog. Despite having closed its doors in 2013, the spirit of Disney's Toontown Online continues to live on to this day, in more than just our hearts and minds. The past 6 or so years have been quite eventful for the Toontown community as a whole, with countless efforts being made to keep what made Disney's Toontown Online as special as it was alive and well as if the magic never left. Developers from across the TOONiverse have poured countless hours in particular into the assortment of private servers that exist at the time of the writing of this blogpost. In the present day, Toontown Online exists in not just one form, but many! No matter how you prefer your Toontown, chances are there's a private server that's fit for you! 
So what IS the point of this blogpost? 
-The answer is quite simple: we've teamed up with the folks who run Toontown Offline! 
For those unfamiliar, Toontown Offline is a singleplayer version of the now-closed MMO, Disney’s Toontown Online. The game is free to play on Windows and MacOS. You can play Toontown Offline alone, or join a Mini-Server with up to 15 other Toons. The game can be played normally as it was when Disney left it, or with commands that allow you to transform your Toontown experience with new bells and whistles. Toontown Offline also has new content that expands upon the Toontown storyline- more of which is coming in the future! You can check it out if you'd like HERE
Why partner with Toontown Offline? 
-The amount of choice we have available to us is part of what makes this community great. This isn’t a community about one game anymore. We can all appreciate each other’s twist on the Toontown experience. There shouldn't be competition between private servers, but rather cooperation! In working with The Toontown Offline Team, we're hoping to spread that exact message! 
Instead of just showing unity within our own community, we've decided to take things a step further, and impact THE ENTIRE WORLD! ….But how..? 
Team Trees, also known as TeamTrees or #TeamTrees, is a 2019 collaborative fundraising challenge aiming to raise 20 million U.S. dollars by 2020 to plant 20 million trees. Every dollar donated towards the movement equals one tree that'll be planted somewhere in the world by The Arbor Day Foundation. We knew this was the perfect opportunity to allow multiple sides of the Toontown Community to collaborate. A fundraiser was held internally between both teams, and in total we were able to raise $461, meaning The Toontown Teams will allow for 461 trees to be planted! 
If you can spare a donation for a great cause, we encourage you to join the fundraising with Team Trees HERE. If you are under the age of 18, ask your parent or legal guardian for permission first! 
As an added bonus, an exclusive new outfit has been created as a collaborative effort between Toontown: Corporate Clash and Toontown Offline, redeemable in BOTH GAMES! Enter code "TOONTrees" in your shtickerbook and claim this extra special outfit today! 
So what's next? 
As far as Corporate Clash is concerned, lots of exciting content is in store for the near future! PHASE TWO of the Operation: Break The Law event will be kicking off soon, introducing an assortment of exciting things to do! Between daily quests with daily and weekly rewards not just during this event but permanently, lots of new accessories and outfits as well as other substantial uses for your Dockets and more, there's plenty to look forward to! 
What about BEYOND just limited time events? 
 The long awaited Corporate Clash v1.1.0 update is nearly here, and will be released immediately after Operation: Break The Law comes to a conclusion. Just WHAT will happen if The Toon Resistance is successful in completely destroying Lawbot HQ? Will it shut down C.O.G.S., INC for good, or pave the way for an even deadlier threat, unlike anything Toontown has been faced with yet? Only time will tell... Either way, v1.1.0 will be Corporate Clash's largest permanent expansion yet. 

Until next time, 
Toons of the World, UNITE! 

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