Corporate Clash Logo

Hey there, toons!

We would like to welcome you all to Toontown: Corporate Clash, the official rebrand of Toontown: Project Altis! After a run-in with the lawbots, we have decided to completely rebrand and overhaul the project in order to establish better community relations and rectify many of the issues that the team and community faced as a whole. For any TTPA players, don't worry: your toons are safe.

So, why are we rebranding?

Throughout the past months, we have endured a large number of internal changes. One of the most notable changes was a complete ownership transfer from Dubito on the 22nd of November, including the discord and domain. From this ownership transfer, we finally regained full control over the project and were no longer affected by external decisions. Following the transfer, the team had been working hard on the renowned 1.3 update up until the events that caused us to make this major decision.

  • On the 6th of December, our web server was attacked through a backdoor created by an ex-staff member prior to their departure from the project. This happened just before a scheduled web server migration, which would have prevented this attack. If you would like to read further into this attack, please click here. Much of the evidence recovered from the account points to the former owner, but we cannot confirm this.
  • On the 7th, as a response to a confrontation with whom we suspected to have perpetrated the attack, we were demanded to shut down the project immediately. We soon received a number of threats and Cease & Desist demands, over the internet for that matter, putting intense pressure on the team to shut the game down.

To further ourselves from the past history of Toontown: Project Altis and any future legal troubles, we have collectively decided to rebrand. This has allowed us to make amends with many former team members, fix a variety of internal issues stemming from the former owner, and gain a fresh start overall. As you are reading this, the team is spending countless hours redeveloping and improving components of the game, website, and launcher. We genuinely hope to make Toontown: Corporate Clash what Toontown: Project Altis should have been.


We would like to apologize to anyone wronged by former Toontown: Project Altis staff and have cleared all bans on our Discord server. With this relaunch, we would like to gain forgiveness from the community and assure everyone that the project is now in much better hands. We plan to officially relaunch very soon, so stay tooned by joining our discord server for updates and teasers.

Thank you for sticking with us!