Commercial Use Guidelines

In effect since: 1st January, 2024 Last updated: 10th March, 2024


These guidelines serve as an agreement between end users and Corporate Clash, outlining usage of our Brand and Assets by end users. In these guidelines, Corporate Clash defines fair and unfair use of our branding and assets, applying in addition to the terms and conditions of Corporate Clash and any additional services offered by Corporate Clash, such as Toontown: Corporate Clash ("Game").

These guidelines are intended to help users understand what is expected and wanted from the Corporate Clash Crew ("Crew") when it comes to uses of our Brand and Assets, as each Crew member pours hours of work into each piece of content created with no financial compensation as a result of our non-profit status. These guidelines are subject to updates similarly to our terms and conditions.

Our Brand is defined as any use of games, identity, logos, events, and any other defining characteristics of Corporate Clash.

Our Assets are defined as any art, models, textures, animation, music, sound effects, graphics, images, characters, and any other content created by the Corporate Clash Crew and found within the Game, any video or images containing gameplay of Toontown: Corporate Clash, as well as any other products produced by Corporate Clash that have been revealed to the public via official means (no leaked/unauthorized content).

We are only able to grant explicit permission for the characters listed in the Appendix, and are unable to grant permission for any other characters or Assets found within products created by Corporate Clash.

We ask that users of our services do not distribute anything made by the Corporate Clash Crew, unless we specifically agree or allow it. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Making commercial use of our Brand and/or Assets
  • Selling or otherwise making money using our Brand and/or Assets
  • Assisting other users in obtaining access to our Brand and/or Assets unfairly or unreasonably

For any permitted use of our Brands and/or Assets, the content must adhere to the following conditions (General Conditions):

  • It must be made clear that the content is not official or otherwise created, associated with, approved, or endorsed by Corporate Clash
  • It must be lawful, or otherwise not deceptive, harmful, obscene, or disparaging
  • It must adhere to our Terms of Service
  • It cannot be used to provoke, promote, or incite violations of our Terms of Service
  • It must not be used in a way that may cause reputation damage to Corporate Clash, or its staff members

These guidelines do not supersede "fair use" or "fair dealings" exceptions to trademark and copyright laws.

We reserve all rights to modify or revoke this license to anyone at any time without warning. It is the user's responsibility to adhere to the most current version of the commercial guidelines. The goal of these guidelines is to allow the hobbyists and creatives within the community to share their work--not for businesses to use our Brand and/or Assets.

If you have a use case not expressly permitted in these guidelines, please contact us at for clarification.

Non-Commercial Use

These guidelines are intended to cover anything created by users for personal use.

Non-commercial redistribution of our Brands and Assets is allowed, as long as any redistribution adheres to our General Conditions. Proper attribution must be given to Corporate Clash for any instances of redistribution.

Fan art, fan fiction and other forms of creative outputs are permitted and do not require further approval from us, so long as it is non-commercial in nature. In particular, we permit the use of our Brands and Assets to raise funds for charities registered with a local government. However, we still ask that all content meets the General Conditions.

Additionally, when using our Brand (especially in regards to non-commercial blogs, forums, fan sites, events, gatherings, groups, clubs, news, or other community spaces) we ask that it is made clear that the content is not official, approved, endorsed, or associated with Corporate Clash.

Commercial Use

Users may not redistribute our Brand or Assets for commercial purposes.

Users may not use our Brand or Assets to create commercial content (i.e. content being exchanged for money), unless expressly permitted below.

Hand-crafted / Mass-produced Products / Merchandise

In additional to the General Conditions, Physical merchandise must adhere to the following criteria:

  • You must be an individual or sole proprietor
  • Created content must be entirely original and unique, meaning there must be demonstrable personal creativity added to the product. For example, a T-Shirt with just our Characters as they appear in-game would not be considered "original work"
  • There must be clear, prominent marketing on all products and related materials that said products are not associated with, created, endorsed, or approved by Corporate Clash, and Corporate Clash is not liable for the products or purchase
  • Open-ended pre-orders are not allowed

There are no restrictions on the amount of handmade or mass produced merchandise.

Videos and Streaming

You may use our Brand and Asset to create videos and livestreams on websites and add / permit advertising to/on them. All content must adhere to our General Conditions. You must make reasonable steps to ensure all advertisements adhere to our General Conditions.

Derivative Media

You may produce derivative media of Corporate Clash music, assets, or works. Examples of derivative media include, but is not limited to: remixes of music, art commissions, self-published fanfiction.

All content must adhere to the same criteria as Merchandise.

Domains and Websites

You may use our Brand and Asset to operate websites to provide information related to the Game, and to run communities for players of the Game.

In addition to the General Conditions, websites must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The name, domain, and the layout of the website must not portrayed as official, or be used to that effect
  • The website must relate to the Brand in a fair and reasonable / appropriate way
  • Any advertising on the website must also adhere to the General Conditions, specifically it must not harm or damage our Brand or the Game, and they must not provoke, promote, or incite violations of our Terms of Service

Appendix - Assets that fall under the Commercial Use Policy

Characters created by Corporate Clash consist of the following: the Chairman, the C.O.O., the C.L.O., Judy, Litigator, Stenographer, Case Manager, Scapegoat, Redd "Heir" Wing, Derrick Man, Land Acquisition Architect, Public Relations Representative, Derrick Hand, Director of Land Development, Director of Public Affairs, Bottom Feeder, Bloodsucker, Pettifogger, Double Talker, Needlenose, Ambulance Chaser, Conveyancer, Back Stabber, Advocate, Spin Doctor, Shyster, Legal Eagle, Barrister, Big Wig, Toxic Manager, Big Fish, Duck Shuffler, Deep Diver, Gatekeeper, Bellringer, Mouthpiece, Firestarter, Treekiller, Featherbedder, Desk Jockey, Prethinker, Rainmaker, Witch Hunter, Multislacker, Major Player, Plutocrat, Chainsaw Consultant, Pacesetter, Count Erclaim, Count Erfit, High Roller, Bagholder, Paper Hands, Insider, Circuit Breaker, Deadlock, Shark Watcher, Magnate, Head Honcho, and all visages of characters conceptualized by Corporate Clash that have been made public via official means.

Locations created by Corporate Clash consist of the following: Toontown Schoolhouse interior (schoolhouse, training room, and basement), Gagsoline interior (Derrick Man lobby and instance), Ye Olde Toontowne, The Dungeon (Public Relation Representative lobby and instance), The Musical Master of Melody (Major Player lobby and instance), Mozzarella Styx Pizzeria (Plutocrat lobby and instance), Lawbot HQ, Acorn Acres, Cut to the Chase! (Chainsaw Consultant lobby and instance), All-Star Suites (Pacesetter lobby and instance), Boredbot HQ (C.O.O. lobby and instance)