System Requirements

MacOS Version Machine Production Year


MacOS 10.15 Catalina Early 2016 or newer
Required: MacOS 10.15 Catalina Late 2014 or newer

You can find your production year by going to "About This Mac", see HT201581.

Version Processor Memory/RAM Graphics Processor
Recommended: Windows 10 64-bit Quad-Core processor or better 8 GB Dedicated graphics card with 2GB Graphics Memory or more
Required: Windows 7 64-bit Dual-Core processor 4 GB Intel Integrated Graphics

A 64-bit machine and operating system is required to play Toontown: Corporate Clash.

Release Notes

Past Releases

Beta v1.2.4.1


  • Increased the quality of some of the in-game fonts.
    • In addition, most fonts have been switched to use TrueType format (.ttf), allowing for easy font customization in content packs!
    • All of the fonts that Toontown currently uses can be found in phase_3/fonts.
  • Added flexibility support for content packs that use .rgb/.jpg textures.
    • This allows for content packs that lost support in our .png conversion prior to v1.1 to work once again! 
  • Adjusted the name of one of the shops on Twilight Terrace.
  • Adjusted the text-scaling for SOS names in the battle GUI.
  • The conveyor belt in the C.E.O. now has a sound effect!


  • Fixed animation stuttering in the Match Toon trolley game.
  • Fixed an issue with Lure-boosting SOS that could cause 1 extra knockback damage.
  • Potentially fixed an issue where new Toons could get caught on Mata Hairy's dialogue in the Toontorial.
  • Potentially fixed an issue where tables in the C.E.O. could be crushed without him touching them.
  • Fixed an issue where Toons could have duplicate phones and Jellybean Banks at their estate via the attic.
  • Fixed an issue where the Trolley Cannon Game controls wouldn't update if controls were changed in the same game session.
  • Fixed movie errors when several Zaps were used in one turn.
  • Fixed a logic error causing several Zaps to not apply damage properly in one turn.
  • Fixed some typos.

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