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System Requirements

MacOS Version Machine Production Year


MacOS 10.15 Catalina Early 2016 or newer
Required: MacOS 10.15 Catalina Late 2014 or newer

You can find your production year by going to "About This Mac", see HT201581.

Version Processor Memory/RAM Graphics Processor
Recommended: Windows 10 64-bit Quad-Core processor or better 8 GB Dedicated graphics card with 2GB Graphics Memory or more
Required: Windows 7 64-bit Dual-Core processor 4 GB Intel Integrated Graphics

A 64-bit machine and operating system is required to play Corporate Clash.

Release Notes

Past Releases

Beta v1.1.0.14

Note: v1.1.0.14 was a hotfix released shortly after v1.1.0.13, and contains no differences to the patch notes below.

We initially also forgot to include these in the Patch Notes for v1.1.0.13:

  • Fixed multiple rooms in Mints and Lawfices that would result in you getting teleported on top of the room's ceiling.
  • Various Estate related assets were fixed or improved.

Below are the Patch Notes for v1.1.0.13, unchanged.


  • You can now choose a type for the Weekly Reward when rerolling, either an Item or Boost.
  • When completing a Weekly Reward Streak (7 days), it will now automatically claim the reward.
  • When completing a Daily Task, it will not automatically increase your Weekly Streak if your Streak is at 0, so that accidentally completing a Daily Task will not lock-in a Weekly Reward unless you claim the Daily Task Reward.
  • Added a notification when the Daily Task is completed.
  • Daily Tasks will now show up in the onscreen Tasks popup (holding End with default bindings).


  • Added a warning to the Minigames Teleport Button if the user can not teleport to a Playground or Cog HQ.
  • Doodles have had their Trick Experience buffed significantly. They are now 2x the previous base experience and 5x the new base experience during an invasion (a 10x boost compared to the previous base experience).
  • Added some new default Speedchat phrases.


  • Laff Meters now properly clean up on the Battle UI consistently instead of sometimes stacking on top of each other.
  • Fixed prestige Lure indicator improperly displaying for the unprestige Lure when prestige and un-prestiged single Lures both hit on different cogs on the same turn.
  • Various Drop-related visual bugs fixed in this release.
  • Fixed a rare crash when a Toon disconnecting from a CEO would cause everyone else in the CEO to crash.
  • Fixed a rare crash affecting all Toons in the CFO when one Toon was lagging too far behind during the Crane round.
  • Fixed taunting in the CLO not properly attracting Cogs to the taunter.
  • Adjusted numerous accessory placements for Bears, Deer, Ducks, Monkeys, and Pigs.
    • If you come across any misplaced accessories, please fill out this form with an image of the Toon wearing the accessory: click here
  • “Jump!” Speedchat Phrase will no longer be offered to Toons in the catalog.
  • Fixed an issue with LMB Orbital Camera moving not cleaning up properly when transitioning areas.
  • Minor text fixes.

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