Download Corporate Clash

Download Windows

You may need to download the Visual Studio 2015 redistributables (you will need both EXE files installed) if you receive an error regarding "msvcp140.dll".

Download MacOS

System Requirements

MacOS Version Production Year


MacOS 10.13 High Sierra Early 2016 or newer
Required: MacOS 10.12 Sierra Late 2014 or newer

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Version Processor Memory/RAM Graphics Processor
Recommended: Windows 10 64-bit Quad-Core processor or better 6 GB Dedicated graphics card with 1GB Graphics Memory
Required: Windows 7 64-bit Dual-Core processor 4 GB Intel Integrated Graphics with 512MB Graphics Memory

Release Notes

Past Releases

v1.0.14.2 BETA

Break The Law: Phase One/Halloween

  • Elphabat has new clothing and accessories to check out!
  • Fix issues with props in the Lawbot HQ Courtyard not cleaning up properly.
  • Fix multiple crashes involving the Pumpkin Head cheesy effects.


  • The secret boss fight will now award an exclusive nameplate and background for your toon's T.A.P.!
  • Instances were tweaked to be more smooth.
    • Toons will no longer dance twice in a row, instead, after the fight is completed, the reward display is immediately displayed.
    • Slight tweaks to a couple of introductory cutscenes.
  • Fixed issue with Department EXP bar hiding and showing from other toons interacting with seltzers and golf spots in the CEO seltzer round.
  • The Department EXP bar will no longer be stuck on screen after going sad in a boss battle.


  • Fixed several clipping issues with the T.A.P. GUI and District picker in the main menu.
  • Fixed incorrect message when reaching Department level 20.
  • Fixed issues with materials not hiding properly when fishing.
  • You can no longer get soft-locked by being sad in Acorn Acres Minigames.