In-Game Rules

General In-Game Rules

Proof should be provided when reporting cases on any of these rules. Ban lengths will be determined by the severity of the case and/or infraction history.

  1. NSFW talk is prohibited. This includes any attempt to circumvent the chat filters in place in order to say blacklisted words, especially, but not limited to swearing.
    • The use of NSFW language in Toon names is also prohibited. Users who attempt to submit intentionally inappropriate names are liable to action being taken on their account.
  2. Spamming is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: intentionally annoying other users by spamming the same/similar words/phrases, abusing the filter to create abnormally large speedchat bubbles repetitively. As a temporary solution, you can ignore the toon in question. If reported and the user in question is found guilty, a temporary mute may be applied to their account.
  3. Bullying and harassment of other users is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: name-calling, stalking and disruption of gameplay.
  4. Intentionally sabotaging gameplay for other users is not allowed. This includes:
    • Making choices in battle with the intention of causing other users to go sad, commonly referred to as greening.
    • Purposefully going inactive during battles. This includes, but is not limited to: lack of group consent when going inactive (regardless of how many toons you are running).
    • Purposefully disconnecting from a boss battle when dissatisfied with the reward without consent from the group before-hand, included but not limited to, SOS Shopping.
    • Intentionally finishing a cog facility before other members of your group, hence denying them progress towards their promotion.
    • While exploits are ultimately the responsibility of the Corporate Clash team, the use of glitches or exploits to disrupt the gameplay of others or grant an unfair advantage is prohibited.


  1. If you would like to contact a staff member about your in-game infraction, please email our Support Team at Please do not discuss your infractions with any staff in-game.
  2. Attempting to impersonate a staff member is prohibited. Make sure to look out for the verified staff emblem.

Account and Security

  1. The distribution of personally identifiable information is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, one’s full name, address, phone number.

  2. The use of third-party software is prohibited, with the exception of multi-toon controllers. This includes, but is not limited to, fishing and doodle training macros, and Keep Alive.

  3. The buying and selling of Corporate Clash accounts is prohibited. Corporate Clash reserves the right to ban any account that is in the process of being exchanged for money. If an account listing has been found, Corporate Clash reserves the right to ban the account.

  4. Any attempt to access another user’s account without consent is prohibited.

  5. Any attempt to access staff-only tools or information is prohibited.

  6. Attempting to evade permanent bans (also known as blacklisted), is prohibited. Corporate Clash reserves the right to ban any account that is suspected of evasion.

  7. The owner of an account is responsible for any actions taken on the respective account.

    • Account owner is defined as the owner of the Email associated with the account.
    • In the event that a user is locked out of an account, Corporate Clash will only restore ownership to the account owner.
    • Users share their accounts at their own risk. Corporate Clash claims no responsibility for loss of toons or accounts due to consensually sharing account details with others.
    • Account help or information will only be provided if the email registered to the account has been used to contact Corporate Clash.
  8. The connection of unofficial clients to Corporate Clash servers is not allowed.

  9. The distribution of malicious software to other users is prohibited.

    • The advertisement of malicious software via any in-game or social media medium is prohibited.

Toon Restoration

  1. Toon restoration will only be considered if the following conditions are met
    • ToonStep must be enabled before the time of deletion
    • Recovery requests are only available for 60 days from the time of deletion
    • Only one toon recovery will be granted per account
    • Toon recoveries may take up to 30 days to process once accepted.

Toon Mail