Beta v1.3.1.11 (March 11, 2023)


  • The reports UI has received some upgrades! This includes some changes that will help the Moderation Team respond to your reports more easily, as well as to clarify various report options and rules.


  • "Deliver Jellybeans" objectives in randomly generated Kudos tasks will now require you to visit a random NPC in the neighborhood, rather than turn them in to the HQ officer.


  • Fixed an issue causing some Toons to crash on login due to corrupted tasks.
  • Fixed an issue causing a club's member list to be unable to load.
    • As a side note, sometimes club members still may not appear initially, but doing an action with your club, such as donating 1 jellybean, should cause them to refresh!
  • Fixed a content sync exploit allowing Toons to use disabled rewards.
  • Minor text fixes.

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