v1.0.14.2 BETA

Break The Law: Phase One/Halloween

  • Elphabat has new clothing and accessories to check out!
  • Fix issues with props in the Lawbot HQ Courtyard not cleaning up properly.
  • Fix multiple crashes involving the Pumpkin Head cheesy effects.


  • The secret boss fight will now award an exclusive nameplate and background for your toon's T.A.P.!
  • Instances were tweaked to be more smooth.
    • Toons will no longer dance twice in a row, instead, after the fight is completed, the reward display is immediately displayed.
    • Slight tweaks to a couple of introductory cutscenes.
  • Fixed issue with Department EXP bar hiding and showing from other toons interacting with seltzers and golf spots in the CEO seltzer round.
  • The Department EXP bar will no longer be stuck on screen after going sad in a boss battle.


  • Fixed several clipping issues with the T.A.P. GUI and District picker in the main menu.
  • Fixed incorrect message when reaching Department level 20.
  • Fixed issues with materials not hiding properly when fishing.
  • You can no longer get soft-locked by being sad in Acorn Acres Minigames.

Releases also available on GitHub.