Beta v1.2.8 (12th August, 2022)


  • The ToonTask system has been rewritten from the ground up!
    • The system has been rewritten to highly optimize and make developing ToonTasks much easier.
    • The new system can support far more complicated types of quests, including branching tasklines and multiple objectives per task.
  • Ye Olde Toontowne is now far shorter than it used to be, keeping it more in-line with adjacent playgrounds.
  • Besides that, we have also made the following changes to the main taskline:
    • The task in Barnacle Boatyard asking the player to defeat Cogs in each street can now be done in any order.
    • Barnacle Boatyard now asks for less Glad Handers for its sidetasks.
    • The notorious Swingset task at the start of Mezzo Melodyland now gives all of the riddles to you simultaneously, and can now be done in any order.
      • In addition, completion of this task now properly rewards you with a Candy Swingset of your own!
    • Reduced the length of the Salty Spittoon sidetask in Barnacle Boatyard.
    • The legendary Big Burger ingredients can now be collected in any order.
    • The notorious Catching Game sidetask in Daffodil Gardens can now be completed in any order.
    • The sidetask for the No Color cheesy effect can now have its Cogs defeated in any order.
    • The sidetask for the Big White Toon cheesy effect can now have its Cogs defeated in any order.
    • The sidetask for the Practical Nametag Font can now have its Cogs defeated in any order.
    • A Toonseltown ToonTask requiring the player to collect treasures and swim can now be completed in any order.
    • The "Check your Mail" ToonTask type has been obliterated from all tasks.
  • Half of the Jellybean and XP rewards for every task in the main taskline are now distributed evenly across each step of the task chain.
  • All Task rewards are now visible on the task panel itself over an icon rollover.
    • This tells you what rewards you'll receive at the end of a task (including clothes, accessories, etc), what rewards you'll receive from completing the current step, and how many steps you have left in that task.
    • This icon replaces the XP/Jellybean icons on most ToonTasks, and is now present on all ToonTasks.
  • The position of the 2nd and 3rd Task posters have been swapped.
  • We've done a lot of testing over ToonTasks, but if you spot any issues or crashes that you find with ToonTasks, including NPC softlocks, tasks not completing, or seemingly related crashes, please email with all of the details so we can look into it!

Cashbot HQ

  • We've adjusted several parameters related to the craning round to make craning more enjoyable:
    • Changed the collision model of magnets to make picking up Goons and Safes easier.
    • Tweaked how crane damaged is calculated based on recent impact velocity instead of merely the speed of the object.
      • This means Goons and Safes should now consistently damage the C.F.O. without some damages dropping into the single digits.


  • We've introduced brand new Cattlelog covers to replace the old, blurry covers.
    • Besides being high-quality, a lot of the covers feature species and furniture unique to Toontown: Corporate Clash!
  • By popular request (popular amongst aquatic animal appreciators anyway), Big Fish now have a rare chance to spawn on Twilight Terrace.
  • Removed our dependency on fmod.
    • We now use track-switching instead of applying audio filters for the underwater sound effect when your Toon goes underwater.
    • The YOTT-static audio filter has also been removed.
  • Changed the font of the manual for Cog Golf Course's Golf Game for better readability.
  • Lynn Decisive's dialogues are now client-sided.
  • Server stability improvements, especially related to memory leaks.


  • Fixed a client crash related to Doodles in battle.
  • Fixed a bug where Toons in a Boarding Group may not get teleported properly into facilities if they were running when the Boarding Group leader presses "GO".
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the underwater sound effect would play before the player enters an area with bodies of water to swim in (such as Barnacle Boatyard Playground)
  • Fixed a bug where the camera of Toons who are not in the Cog Golf Course's Golf Game get sunk into the ground.
  • Fixed a bug with some knock-knock jokes not triggering correctly in some streets.
  • Fixed a memory leak related to Toon Slingshot.
  • Minor text fixes.

Releases also available on GitHub.

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