v1.0.12 BETA


  • Cog Department Experience Levels
    • An experience bar, similar to the Activity Experience Bars (Fishing, Golfing, etc), will now appear during Cog Boss battles that Toons can level up through!
    • Briefly, you can level up by performing well in the interactive rounds of the Cog Boss (Pie Round, Crane Round, Cannon Round, etc)
    • Toons are rewarded experience points in two different ways:
      • Individual performance is rewarded at the end of the battle
      • Group performance is rewarded in real-time
    • Every 10 levels, Toons will receive some rewards that they might find cool or even useful!
      • At level 10, Toons will be given the respective Cog Department's special uniform!
      • At level 20, Toons will be given the ability to keep their Cog currencies (Merits, Cogbucks, etc) for their next promotion in their respective Cog Department!
      • At level 30, Toons will be given a permanent +1 reward boost (SOS, Unites, etc) in their respective Cog Department!
      • A special (temporarily confidential) reward is given to Toons who max out their Cog Department Levels!


  • Training Points Page
    • Fixed an issue in which Toons could not take back a Training Point they put in for a Gag Track when they have 0 Training Points in total

Releases also available on GitHub.