v1.0.13.3 BETA


  • The 'Toss Pineapples at Resistance Ranger Rest' ToonTask has been brought back. This ToonTask will replace the ToonTask where you have to collect fruit from the Catching Game.
  • Fixed issue with not receiving Roman Helmet from Professor Pi, those who have completed this task without being rewarded will receive the helmet upon logging in.
  • Fixed misleading information and grammar issues in the dialogue throughout the first half of the main taskline.
  • Fixed issue with ToonTasks displaying misleading information when tasked to recover items from a cog building.
  • Fixed issue with boss fight ToonTasks not displaying the NPC to return to upon completion.
  • Adjusted certain speedchat phrases that had grammar issues regarding ToonTasks.
  • A ToonTask that requires the player to catch fruit from the trolley in the Catching game will now display the correct fruit.

Outback Event

  • New rewards!
    • The Didgeridollar cap has been raised from 3500 to 6500!
    • With this cap increase, toons can now acquire 5 new accessories and a new shirt!
  • Balance adustments with Didgeridollars.
    • Due to the new Didgeridollar limit, the rate at which Didgeridollars are earned has been increased!
    • The Outback welcoming event will also be extended by an additional week so everyone can get their hands on the new rewards!
    • Fixed an issue with players earning the incorrect amount of Didgeridollars particularly in boss fights.
  • Adjusted accessory placements of the Outback Event accessories initially released.
  • One final secret nameplate for the Outback Event is now unlockable in game, happy hunting!

Outback Species

  • The size of the new Outback species have been adjusted to be unique from each other.


  • Slightly buffed activity experience gain from golfing.


  • You can no longer catch the T.A.P. fishing background more than once while fishing.
  • Fixed typos in the Corporate Clash credits.
  • Fixed a district reset issue with the Trolley during the Trolley Tracks holiday.
  • Added a significant amount of words to the whitelist.
  • NPC names can no longer be used as a toon name if it exists in the Pick-A-Name.
  • Modified certain doodle names when buying a new doodle in the Pet Store.

Releases also available on GitHub.