Beta v1.6.8 (February 16th, 2024)


  • The Boardbots, in a desperate attempt to prove their worth to the Chairman and retain their jobs, are working overtime!
    • Boardbots will show up more often in every aspect of Toontown, including in streets, buildings and even Cog HQs...?
      • Boardbots have picked up the ability to initiate Department Invasions, ensuring total Boardbot coverage in all corners of Toontown.
      • Boardbots will visit other Departments' buildings more often.
      • Boardbots have infiltrated other Cog Department's Boss Battles, and will appear alongside the Department's Cogs.
    • The Safe Districts of Foghorn Falls, Hypno Heights and Tesla Tundra are not affected by the above.
    • For more information, read this blog post!