Beta v1.1.4.1


  • Thanksgiving is now over in Toontown, and Turnkey has returned to Gobbleburg.
    • Turkey toons are no longer available in Make a Toon and the Restoration Station.
  • Doubled the Activity Experience gained while playing Golf.
  • Increased the Fire rewards from the CEO boss battle by +2 for all tiers.
  • Rebalanced the Barrister and Shyster attacks to make them more fitting of their roles as Field Specialists.
  • Barrister now has white hands.


  • Fixed a rare crash with the Battle UI.
  • Fixed an issue with Big Drop destroying Cogs that caused the movie to be longer than was intended.
  • Fixed an issue where audio content packs utilizing music.json would cause crashes between zones if the music path was set to None.
  • Fixed an issue where audio content packs required audio/music.json to be in a folder of the same name of the pack, within the pack.
    • The audio folder containing music.json should now be placed in the root folder, such that your content pack has an audio folder alongside all the phase folders.

Releases also available on GitHub.

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