Toon Name Guidelines

Naming Guidelines

  1. The use of large numbers is prohibited. Numerical digits written out as words are allowed as long as the name is not formed of only a number. Numerical digits are not allowed.
  2. Personally identifiable information is not allowed in any name.
  3. City/Regional/Country names are prohibited, including nationalities and ethnicities, unless not exclusive to themselves.
  4. Disney-based character names are not allowed. However, all other character names are allowed as long as they follow our other name rules.
  5. No described relationships, such as those that are possessive, romantic, or imply lineage.
  6. No sports teams (football teams, hockey teams, etc.) are allowed, unless they are not exclusive to themselves.
  7. No celebrities or bands are allowed. Celebrity puns, however, are allowed as long as they follow the other naming rules.
  8. No names that pose as a member of staff, person(s) of authority, NPCs, or refer to game locations, unless they are not exclusive to themselves.
  9. No copyrighted names, including but not limited to brand names or websites, unless they are not exclusive to themselves.
  10. Proper English spelling conventions must apply to all names.
  11. Names with improper grammar are prohibited. All names must follow conventional English grammar rules.
  12. No names which are deemed inappropriate or NSFW by staff.
  13. No controversial names which include topics such as politics or religion.
  14. Names in the form of a sentence are not allowed in any form.
  15. Names that reference a cog in any form are not allowed.
  16. Names that are deemed too self-deprecating and/or insulting are not allowed.
  17. Names that reference any negative or inappropriate medical terminology are not allowed.
  18. No names that reference forms of in-game infractions.
  19. All Moderators have the final say on all names. Every name is subject to Moderator discretion.

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