Toon Name Guidelines

Naming Guidelines

Staff have final say over name approval, and may use their own digression when approving or denying names.

  1. The use of numbers is prohibited unless in the form of a coherent name.
    • ✅ Zero, Thing Two, Nine Lives, Two Teeth
    • ❌ Seven, One Plus One, Three-D
  1. The inclusion of personally identifiable information is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: full names, city names. If a city/town name is not exclusive to itself, then it is allowed.
    • ✅ Dakota, Salem, London, Brooklyn, Chicken
    • ❌ Carl Smith, Taylor Cali, Dubai
  1. No described relationships.
    • ❌ Sarah’s Father, Hugh’s Mom, Flippy’s Friend, Aly's Pet
  1. No sports teams, bands, celebrities, etc, unless they are not exclusive to themselves.
    • ✅ Queen, Swan Ronson, Tony Bark
    • ❌ The Beatles, Coldplay, Oprah Winfrey, Yankees, Microsoft
  1. No names that pose as a member of staff, person(s) of authority, or NPCs, unless they are not exclusive to themselves.
    • ✅ Spot
    • ❌ Master Frasca, Lormen, Donald Frump
  1. No trademarked or copyrighted names, including brand names or websites, unless they are not exclusive to themselves.
    • ✅ Ollie, Zoom, Echo, Apple
    • ❌ Google, McDonald’s, Mickey Mouse, Ecco
  1. Any names containing improper grammar or spelling are prohibited.
    • ✅ Smart Guy
    • ❌ Smartguy, Cdfexis
  1. All submissions must be in the form of a coherent name.
    • ✅ Stickers, Flashbulb, Extraordinary
    • ❌ Stickers Remastered, Ups And Downs, Dejected Index
  1. No controversial names which include topics such as politics or religion.
  2. No names which are deemed inappropriate by staff.
  3. No names which are deemed as NSFW by staff.
  4. All non-English names are prohibited with the exception of first names and popular phrases/words.
    • ✅ Kawthar, Parthena, Prima Donna
    • ❌ Arimuro Tasai, Mengoni, Tanaka, Gonzalez