Flippy's Missing Frames

Posted on by The Team

Hey, there toons. I've got some important news to share with you today!
A few days ago, Builder Bob and the rest of his crew started to work on the expansion of the Toon Hall. Bouncer Bongo oddly enough didn't like it by the door and wanted an office to himself. He kept complaining about how he couldn’t do his job when toons kept coming in to visit Flippy. When preparing to start the construction, the crew moved Flippys precious paintings out of the Toon Hall. When Flippy went to go and check up on his paintings, the art was nowhere to be seen! I think the pesky co I have no idea where they've gone!
This is where you come in, reader. The Toon Hall, being one of the most recognised buildings in Toontown, held some of the most magnificent artwork in the tooniverse. With the walls all looking bare, we need some new art to fill the space! The task we're assigning you, if you choose to accept it, is to create some artwork to hang up in the Toon Hall! Yes, you read that correctly, we want to feature some of your artwork in the Toon Hall for the rest of Toontown to see!
“So, how do I submit my art? The world needs to see my genius!” I hear you shouting.
 Woah! Hold on there a second! Firstly, we can't just hang any old drawing up on the walls. We have to make sure the art will fit in one of our empty frames, so size is important! We also can't feature anything unsafe for the young Toons that visit the halls. Lastly, we have to ask the art is yours and that it doesn't contain any copyrighted material. The last thing we want is the folks from Wynken, Blynken, & Nod, Attorneys at Law on our back again. If you've met all of the above requirements, go ahead and use the form below to submit your art to one of our toontastic Toon Hall curators.
  • Artwork must be either 2048x1024 or 1024x1024 pixels.
  • No copyrighted material inside the artwork. (e.g. no Disney characters)
  • Artwork should be Toontown related.
  • No NSFW content. Remember, this is a game for all ages.
Winners will be announced in next weeks blog post!
Submissions closed!