The Next Chapter

Posted on by The Corporate Clash Crew

Greetings, everyone!

It’s been a while since our last non-holiday themed post, and we’re happy to report that the Corporate Clash Crew is back and ready for the new year, and what an exciting one it’s going to be! While we’re not ready to dive into the full specifics just yet, let us be the first to tell you about what we’ve got cooking up!

The Next Major Update

Has the time finally come?

Say whaaaaaat? That’s right, despite still being fresh off the heels of our recently released Hires & Heroes Update, we’re proud to announce that development is already underway for our next major update! So what’s in store for you this time? Overclocked C.F.O.? Elemental doodles? 64 new Manager fights? Boardbot HQ? HUMAN TOONS?!?!

Well, hold your horses because it’s actually none of the above (Surprise, right?). Our next update is going to involve going through much of what currently exists in the game and making it good. Real good. A whole new game type of good. Let’s face it, the original Toontown Online is nearly 20 years old at this point, and several systems and sets of content are in need of a complete overhaul to allow for new content to exceed its current boundaries, both from a technical and gameplay perspective. One major system in particular is going to allow us to achieve that goal, which we’ve already started development work on during the aftermath of v1.3.0.

Enough beating around the bush, though – we can’t wait any longer to say it!!

In-development image of Hammerspace

In Corporate Clash’s next major update, v2.0.0, one of the next big things we’ll be introducing is a proper, game-wide inventory system. And what better name for it than Hammerspace?

A proper inventory system seems like a deceptively minor expansion to the game. However, the long-term benefits it will have on the game’s development cannot be overstated – implementing a central hub for things that players can own has massive long-term benefits for development. Absurd things such as rare stickers variants and colorizeable accessories can be supported freely. Adding new types of items down the line will be straightforward too: if we ever want to add Gag Skins, we will be able to create a functional prototype for them in a short afternoon. However, it will take a considerable amount of time to port over every unique type of item in the game (like clothes, accessories, and like 30 other things), especially since we’re still so burnt out from v1.3.0 development…

… Just kidding, we’re already about done with a functional prototype.

Very, very rough concept for something very, very special

We already have SO MUCH MORE to talk about for this update. The Gag balancing done for v1.3.0 was only the first phase in our plans for the battle system. At the end of it all, expect a game most deserving of the v2.0.0 milestone – we’re taking a jackhammer to the most common elements of the game (battle mechanics, taskline, certain areas and more). 

(P.S. We also have tons of work done for yet another massive system for this update as well. I wonder what it could be?)

Communications Improvements & Sneak Peeks

For this next upcoming update, we'd like to invite you behind the scenes on certain things we'll be working on! Due to the nature of some of the planned features, it's more feasible to show the community progress. Consider looking forward to more frequent sneak-peeks!

In our official public Discord server, you’ll find a brand new #sneak-peeks announcements channel, where we’ll be posting more frequent development updates large and small! Many of these will make their way to other social media platforms, but not everything – so we highly recommend joining our server if you haven’t already. Above all else, this system will make it easier to get an idea of what our developers are working on. Stay TOONed for lots more to come!

Wrap Up

2023 is truly going to be a spectacular year for Corporate Clash and its community, and we cannot wait to talk more about our next major update and take advantage of this new system we have implemented to the very fullest extent. We also have content on the horizon focused not just on the future, but also going very in-depth on the development process of our Hires & Heroes update. You’ll be hearing from us again soon with lots in store! 

-The Corporate Clash Crew