Flippy's New Frames

Posted on by The Team

Wowie, what a week!
Seven days ago, we announced that we started construction on the Toon Hall. I'm proud to announce that construction is almost finished and Builder Bob is just applying some last minute final touches! However, not all is well; the paintings are still missing! We still have no idea where they could have gone.
Here is where all you talented toons stepped up to give the Toon Hall a fresh set of paint. When we surprised Flippy with all of the new paintings, he couldn't believe his toony eyes. Anyways, enough talking. Let's see some art!
We want to thank all of the toons that submitted their works! The Crew are already getting it all sorted into frames and hung up onto the walls of the Toon Hall. We'll be in contact closer to launch to give you a small reward for your hard work! Don't worry if you missed out on submitting, we'll be holding more contests very soon for things all around the Tooniverse.