The Mystery Of The Duck

Posted on by Mac Opsys


Well, well, well. Hello to all who are receiving this transmission right now! This is Mac Opsys, once again requesting the help of the smartest and most skilled Toons in town.

However, before I go into detail of the task at hand... I must explain how we got here.

There I was, doing my usual tasks, monitoring Cog activity around town and through their systems–which, by the way, I cannot believe they still don't know I can access! Crazy, right? But uh... Anyway–

There I was, taking my usual look through their staff database, to ensure nothing quite like the last wave of managers happens again... And I saw a new page! A page called HR! So I went ahead and tried to access the page... and it has left me confused ever since.

The moment I clicked, it showed me an empty error... then I heard a sound. But not from the computer, no no, It was... a quack... In my room. Something had fallen right on the desk behind me. Long story short, a mysterious rubber ducky manifested into my room, and now I am quite frankly not looking forward to clicking on the page again. Winn and I are analyzing the duck now, but I still want others to potentially look into the page... No, I'm not scared of it. I'm just busy!

So... do your usual thing: look into the employee database and make sure to figure out what's behind that page! I.. uh... have a duck to watch over...

Remember Toons: be careful! A holiday is upon us, and the dubious forces of non-canon are approaching... whatever that means.

Notes from the Corporate Clash Crew

This mystery may not be as big as the first time we infiltrated, but there's still a lot to explore! To keep the experience fun for everybody, we have a few things for you to keep in mind:

  • This mystery is entirely online, with no real-life components (such as phone lines or physical locations). Any resemblances to real-life locations or information is purely coincidental.
  • All information required to solve the mystery is available on the website, within Corporate Clash, or in otherwise publicly available / standardized, well-known locations.
  • The mystery does not require you to enter personal details, such as your Corporate Clash account username, email or password.
  • Play fair - Do not attempt to brute-force crack the passwords via automated means or otherwise abuse the website. The puzzles you encounter might get highly technical, so if you're not sure what you're doing is fair play, email to find out.
  • Our standard Terms of Services and Policy Privacy apply.

Teamwork makes the dream (of cracking this case) work, so why not join the conversation in the Corporate Clash Discord and band together with your fellow mystery-solvers?