The MAYpril Toons' Event Is Almost Here

Posted on by The Corporate Clash Crew

The April Toons’ Month is almost here… at the end of April? Apparently nobody’s told High Roller the deadline to get the wheel all greased up for its Game Show. We’ve had to sneakily rebrand the event as the MAYpril Toons’ event… don’t worry about it.

From April 28th to June 11th, hop on Toontown: Corporate Clash to enjoy the MAYpril Toons’ Month:
  • The brand new High Roller’s High Roller game show awaits you!
  • The Halloween Witches, with the Skrafting Shop and the legendary Bat-tle Pass, is back for you to unlock cool merch!
  • The Find the Foreman experience has gotten a dose of highly dangerous radiation… Are you brave enough to Face the Family?
  • The elevator for the C.O.O. at Boredbot HQ is once again operational; pay a visit to the ol’ chum at the end of Twilight Terrace, will ya?
  • Double XP for Pizzeria ranks!
  • -5% Discount for all drinks purchases at the Mozzarella Styx Pizzeria (you’re welcome)

The game will go down on April 28th at 3pm Eastern for the update. Our Technical Toons will be working swiftly to get the game back up from there - keep an eye out on our socials for news on when the servers are back and ready to roll!

Our Partners will have priority access to the game while the Corporate Clash Crew performs final testing. Many of them will be streaming their first-look experiences, so be sure to check them out! You can find a list of our Partners here:

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