Words For The Future

Posted on by The Team

Hey there, toons! Loopy here, and I’ve got something to openly discuss with all you toons of the world. Something I find is worth mentioning as it’s all about the vision for the future of Corporate Clash.
The learning experience.
Allow me to say on behalf of the entire Corporate Clash Crew that developing a game isn’t easy. Whether it’s designing new features, conceptualizing future expansions and content, or writing an entirely new taskline, it’s something you come to have an appreciation for. It’s a heck of a lot of work!
The main point in this development is that it can very much be a learning experience. You slowly learn and figure out what works, what doesn’t, what’s possible, workarounds, and so much more.
It’s always a learning process. And it goes both ways, as over the time that players like you will learn to understand these tweaks, changes, new features and gameplay mechanics, we’ll also be learning behind the scenes the ways to create these things, and figure out what works best. In the end, we take feedback into consideration from both sides as we move forward, and see what works best.
The big wardrobe.
One of the most beautiful things about Corporate Clash is change. We’re striving to be different, to be that new experience of Toontown that many people seek. We aim to make the version of Toontown we always dreamed of, and hopefully an entertaining version for those of you that are interested in playing.
The thing that comes with change is naturally the potential for even more change. I want this to be clear that new features are being implemented all the time, but there’s so much potential for them and a real possibility that things get tweaked over time as we learn the good and the bad about the implementation and functionality of these things.
Take our gags for instance. We implement Zap, and over the past year the accuracy, abilities, and the way it works has altered a number of times in the attempt to make it the most useful and exciting version of itself that it can possibly be.
It’s a big wardrobe we have here, and Corporate Clash is always ready to change inside it. Perhaps one of the most notable reasons people turn away from Corporate Clash is the fact that it’s “too different”. But that’s what I love about it. Corporate Clash is our attempt at bringing something new, something different.
So what should you expect?
Expect new, expect different, and expect an attempt to innovate. The Corporate Clash Crew aim to rejuvenate the Toontown experience all across the board. Interesting tasks, new features, more reasons to play, and down the road having expansions and gameplay mechanics people enjoy, including all things that are new.
We don’t aim to be the Toontown team, we aim to be Corporate Clash. We aim to bring an experience we’re proud of representing, and hopefully an experience that many of you will enjoy as well.
We’ll continue to evolve, adapt, and change features as we go. All we can say is that we hope to see you there upon launch, and all throughout the ride we’ll be taking together as we continue to develop this game we know and love.
Have a toontastic weekend everyone, and I hope to see you in-game upon launch!