Corporate Clash Stickers - Now On Your Favorite Messaging Apps!

Posted on July 13, 2023 by The Corporate Clash Crew

Hello Toons! Stickers have been one of the most frequently used feature in the 1.3 "Hires and Heroes" update. From Concerned Dog to Blushing Bat, there's bound to be a sticker that describes precisely what you're thinking at the moment.

Have you ever wanted to use our stickers outside of the game as well? We've uploaded our stickers to major messaging services, so you can bring a little bit of Toontown into your daily chats!

Toon Stickers

Contains the 16 Toon Stickers in the game!

Edgar Allan Pole Stickers

Contains the stickers of Edgar Allan Pole, from our latest social media comic, Pole's Greatest Treasure!

Dice Stickers

Contains the dice featured in High Roller's High Roller!

We haven't forgotten about the Cog stickers; they will be released at a later date. Are there any other services that we should make our stickers available from? Let us know on social media!