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Posted on by The Team

Hello, toons of the world! As Corporate Clash continues to inch closer and closer to our release this month, we decided to highlight one of the most important things to us. Community!
The Toontown community is extraordinary. It's a long-lasting, broad demographic, and it's the key to Toontown's success in surviving over the last 15+ years! So with that said, let’s talk about a few places that our community (you included!) are being involved.
Content Creation!
You may have noticed in the last week that a few of the content creators in our community have posted exclusive sneak peeks at what Corporate Clash has in store.
As seen from our friends Smirky and Megasnoop, showing off our tweaks, changes, and brand new content, there's a wealth of insight into what you'll be experiencing that'll soon be making its way throughout the community.
Keep your eyes peeled, as you may just be able to see a few more creators posting exclusive videos on the lead-up to Corporate Clash's launch!
But content creators aren't the entire community, of course. There are hundreds and thousands of you out there just waiting to play the game, and we hear you!
So that's why we want to try and make the launch of the game just a liiiiittle more special.
Community Competition!
Imagine downloading Corporate Clash for the first time. Installing the game, watching it boot up, and hopping in, seeing all the other toons for the first time, and going right into the action.
Exciting right?
Well, how about doing all that, but knowing there's a special touch just from you inside the game?
We've done similar contests before (Flippy’s LOVING his new paintings!) and we've enjoyed watching the community get involved. So we're announcing a new contest to let three of you in the community leave a constant touch!
We want you toons to submit names for a district! One that would be named from your suggestion -- permanently!
We want you to think up the best name of a district you can, and submit it below! We'll review each and every suggestion and select three toons' submissions in our community, choosing their district submission for all toons to see permanently in-game!
Here are the rules:
  1. Districts must be no longer than three words.
  2. Names must be no more than 16 characters long.
  3. Keepy it toony! (No NSFW names, please.)
  4. No copyright material is allowed.
  5. Letters only. (No submissions with numbers or special characters will be chosen)
So go ahead and think up the best name you can, submit it below, and on the 21st of June, we will announce the winners!
Think creatively, good luck, and we’ll see you next week, we’ve got something big to share with you then!
Contest Closed.