Sweaters and Postcards and Toonsmas, Oh My!

Posted on by Granny Thread

Hello, all of my lovely Toons!

It is so nice to see all of your bright, shining smiles again! Oh, and plenty of new faces too! I'm so delighted that you all have taken the time to come and visit me in Toonseltown. Seeing all my little Toons running around filling the town square with life just makes my heart soar! 

Santa Paws may keep this old lady busy, but you’ve all made me so happy that I couldn’t resist taking the time to make one last gift for you. It may not be my neatest work, but I hope you’ll enjoy nonetheless; a very special Toonsmas sweater, made with plenty of tender love and care! Best of all, this one’s free from Old Granny Thread; no snowballs nor favors required!

…Well, there's maybe one teensy favor I will ask. During the last raid, a Cog dropped a bundle of postcards on my front stoop. I don't have anyone in particular I can write to (and goodness, I'm not sure they'd even want a Cog on their Toonsmas card!) so perhaps you could find a better use for them? Send them to someone you dislike? Or maybe decorate them with all that red tape you keep collecting? Perhaps you could return them if you feel so inclined; I'm sure one "Mr. Campbell" would be delighted to have them back.

Oh, and here I am rambling. I’ve got plenty of items that need hemming and sewing and knitting and threading! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, my merry little Toons. Come and visit me soon!

-Granny Thread

Notes from The Corporate Clash Crew

Merry Toonsmas, everyone!
As one last holiday gift from Granny Thread to you, this year’s ugly sweater is now available! Use code “ToonsmasSweater23” to unlock the Blue Clowndeer Sweater. This sweater is only available from now until the 14th of January, 23:59 EST, so grab it while you can! 

You can also download the postcards Granny Thread found below. These files are the same size as normal postcards, so you can print them out and send them off just like any other.

Click HERE to download this postcard!
Click HERE to download this postcard!