BREAKING: High Stakes! High Action! High Roller Returns!

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Reporter Riley: ...and while the construction in that area will be continuing through Sunday, it should be cleared up by the beginning of the week.

Newscaster Nolan: That's fantastic to hear, Riley. And what about-

Crewman: Um, hey, guys? It looks like we're getting a bit of interference with the video feed here.

Newscaster Nolan: What? Interference?

Crewman: It's almost like someone's trying to hijack the-


High Roller: Hello? Hello?? Iff ffhiff thing on???

High Roller: We interrupt ffhiff half-baked broadcafft to bring you... ME! Everyone'ff faHAHAvorite ffuperstar, ffhe High Roller!

High Roller: I am coming to you live from ffhe Ffellbot Factory, where ffhere ffeemff to be ffome kind of family reunion taking plaffe.

High Roller: Never before haffe four guyff been ffo many guyff. I'm telling you, anchor-man whoffe name I didn't even try to remember, thiff plaffe iff crawling wiff cloneff!

High Roller: Here comeff one now- ffhe FahAHAHActory Foreman Ffellbot, ffay ffhat four timeff fafft.

Factory Foreman?: Oh, I think you're confused.

High Roller: Ffay what now?

Factory Foreman?: I'm not THE Factory Foreman. I'm just A Factory Foreman.

High Roller: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I don't get it.

Factory Foreman?: It's pretty simple. If you want to speak to the REAL Foreman, you're going to have to look somewhere else in the facility.

High Roller: Iff it ffhat guy ffhere? He lookff jufft like you.

Unstable-Looking Passerby: No, I'm not the Factory Foreman, either, I'm just a - I'm - I I just I - zkshhhkhhhhh -


High Roller: WOAH! What a tranffformation, everybody! Take a look at ffhat beautiful new green hue!

Unstable-Looking Passerby: -I'm just a... Mint Supervisor, it seems.

Factory Foreman?: He does that sometimes. It's normal.

High Roller: FaHAHAHAffcinating!

Unstable-Looking Passerby: What about you? You don't look like... one of us.

Factory Foreman?: Yes, you... don't look like you belong here.

High Roller: Why, I'm ffhe ffultan of the ffcreen! Ffhe televiffion tycoon! Ffhe High Roller, baby!

High Roller: And I'm here to invite you diffcerning fellows to guefft fftar on ffhe game ffhow of ffhe ffentury: "High Roller'ff High Roller"!

High Roller: Whaddaya say? Want your chanffe to make it big?

Factory Foreman?: ...No, thank you. 

High Roller? WhaHAHAt?! Come on, thiff iff the opportunity of a lifetime! 

Factory Foreman?: We have our own... business to attend to. Here.

Unstable-Looking Passerby: Yes, we're... quite busy. Here.

High Roller: Ah, ffuit yourffelffes. There'ff a line out the door to get in my ffpotlight, Ffuitff and Toonff alike- if you're turning it down, that'ff your loffff.

Unstable-Looking Passerby: We don't need a spotlight. All we need is- iss is - all we - kshchhhzzzz -

High Roller: Uh-oh. Ffhat doeffn't look good.

High Roller: BaHAHAHAck to you in the fftudio, anchorman-



Newscaster Nolan: ...

Reporter Riley: ...

Newscaster Nolan: We should probably...

Reporter Riley: ...ring the Resistance, right?

A Note From The Corporate Clash Crew

Welcome to the April Toons' event! From April 1st to May 6th, you can hop on to Toontown: Corporate Clash to experience these special seasonal treats:

  • The April Toons' event boss, The High Roller, has returned to The Musical Master of Melody on Tenor Terrace to host his Game Show. Suitable for Toons of all levels, come join the fun and get special items when you win!
    • To save you the trouble of running back and forth, the Low Rollers stationed at each playground will happily teleport you to the ticket office for easy access to the show.
  • Find the Family has returned to the Sellbot Factory! Face waves of impersonator Facility Managers until the real ones show their faces.
    • And if you're really made of tough stuff, Overclocked Face the Family will push you to the limit... Get those Gag-ger counters ready and prepare yourself to take on some highly unstable Cogs.
  • Boredbot's HQ has once again opened its doors to visitors new and old! Head to the end of Twilight Terrace, through the tunnel, and up the elevator to have a chat with the Chief Operating Officer. You might just get a special prize...
  • Elphabat and Hexadecimal have returned to Toontown! Earn Batcoins and Materials from defeating Cogs and participating in Activities, then trade them in at any playground for cool gear you won't get from anyone else!

Read the patch notes HERE!