The Firestarter and Pacesetter Makeship Pride Campaign Begins Now!

Posted on by The Corporate Clash Crew

Note: All creator profits will go towards Gay & Lesbian Youth Services (GLYS) to improve access to safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth. Makeship is also donating parts of its proceeds to The Trevor Project.

Buy the plushies here: Firestarter / Pacesetter

Put your hands together and get ready to set the pace as the Corporate Clash Crew are proud to announce another round of awe-inspiring plushies! These plushies are more than just a mere collectible. They serve as a symbol of support for a charitable cause!

We've once again partnered up with Makeship, this time to transform the beloved dynamite duo of Graham Ness Payser (The Pacesetter) and Flint Bonpyre (The Firestarter) into two huggable and lovable plush companions! This speedy Sellbot and blazing Bossbot are perfect for any occasion, whether it be snuggling your way to Drowsy Dreamland, or bringing the heat on even the coldest winter day in The Brrrgh - just make sure you don't douse the Firestarter's flame with your Squirt gags! With Graham’s iconic electric guitar and award-winning smile, and Flint’s fired-up bass guitar and roaring personality, these two Rockstar plushies are guaranteed to leave crowds of adoring fans clamoring for a spot in the Pace Place club! 

Much like our previous campaign, 100% of all creator proceeds from every sale of the Makeship campaign will go to a charity. The Gay & Lesbian Youth Services will receive funds to help them continue to support and provide safe and affirming environments for LGBTQ+ youth. As part of Makeship's PRIDE Month promotion, Makeship will be donating a portion of the plushie's proceeds to The Trevor Project, helping to provide mental health crisis support for LGBTQ+ youth.

About the Charities 

The Gay & Lesbian Youth Services make a tremendous effort to ensure LGBTQ+ youth have a safe and accepting environment where they can receive support. Through peer to peer interaction, mentorship, and educational prospects, they provide the opportunity for LGBTQ+ youth to grow and explore who they are. Having just last year celebrated their 40th anniversary every single purchase will aid them in continuing their work for many years to come.

The Trevor Project focuses on mental health and crisis services for LGBTQ+ youth, providing 24/7 lifeline, chat, and text services for those in need of immediate support. Purchases will help not only to keep these services accessible, but will also contribute to the project's ongoing advocacy work to promote policies and practices protecting LGBTQ+ youth's mental health and well-being.

Campaign Details and Rewards

The campaign launches on May 30th at 12:00 EST. You'll have until July 2nd to back the campaign, and the production of these adorable plushies will kick off at the end of the campaign if 200 or more units are sold. To make this event even more thrilling, we have prepared several thrilling milestones for the campaign. Unlockable rewards await ALL Toons as we hit major combined plushies sales milestones, starting with an exclusive in-game Nameplate/Profile backgrounds that will be yours when we reach that initial 1000!
Example: If 645 Pacesetter plushies are sold and 355 Firestarter plushies are sold, this would count as 1000 sales, and unlocks the first sales tier!

StretchGoalsPSFS 1k MET

1000 Sales (UNLOCKED!): Firestarter and Pacesetter Nameplate/Profile Background

2000 Sales: Firestarter and Pacesetter In-game Pride Stickers

3000 Sales: Firestarter and Pacesetter In-game Accessories

4000 Sales: Firestarter and Pacesetter Comic

Ultimate Stretch Goal: $1 raised for GLYS + The Trevor Project = 1 second of All-Star Booster (rounded up to the nearest hour)!

We'll be tracking updates on the milestones as the campaign progresses on all of our social media and updating this blog post as time goes on, as well as sharing more info on individual rewards. All rewards will be distributed after the campaign ends.

Your generosity will make a positive impact in the world through our shared joy of Toontown and our combined support for charity organizations like Gay & Lesbian Youth Services. Together, let's turn up the heat, pick up the pace, and work hard to make a difference for those in need!

Join the Fun: Back the campaign today!

Ready to be a part of this heartwarming campaign and secure your very own Firestarter or Pacesetter Plushie? Visit the product pages here: Firestarter / Pacesetter

Disclaimer: Your purchase will not be considered a tax-deductible charitable donation to Corporate Clash nor Gay & Lesbian Youth Services / The Trevor Project.



Q: Who is Makeship?

Makeship is a crowdfunding platform which specializes in merchandise aimed at fans of content creators. We have partnered with Makeship to bring the Firestarter and Pacesetter plushies into reality; Makeship handles the plushie design, manufacturing, shipping and customer support for the plushie.

Q: Who is Gay & Lesbian Youth Services (GLYS)?

Gay & Lesbian Youth Services raises funds and community awareness by providing LGBTQ+ youth with a safe space and hosting outreach initiatives to outside agencies. These initiatives serve to increase agencies sensitivity to the needs of gender and sexual minority youth. Since 1983, GLYS has continued to host a number of services, such as their youth drop-in center, which are dedicated to assisting both youth and their families connect with resources and become integrated with the wider community. Its through the various fundraisers, donations, and programs which support the nonprofit’s mission to provide a welcoming and educational community for as many LGBTQ+ youth as possible. 

Gay & Lesbian Youth Services has been chosen as our charity of choice for this campaign via internal selection.

Q: Who is The Trevor Project?

The Trevor Project aims to offer integral, immediate support for LGBTQ+ youth, with chat lines and text lines available 24/7. The Trevor project focuses on five key programs: crisis services, advocacy, research, peer support, and education and public awareness, all of which service to better the lives of individuals across the US. From pushing policies in favor of LGBTQ+ mental health and wellness to offering social spaces where LGBTQ+ youth can connect with others like themselves, these initiatives are all in effort to protect LGBTQ+ young people’s right to live healthy and fulfilled lives, and to decrease the number of LGBTQ+ youth who enter crisis.

All Makeship Pride campaigns, including ours, will be donating to the Trevor Project.


Q: How does the campaign work?

The Firestarter and Pacesetter Plushie campaign is a crowdfunding campaign. The community can back the campaign by pre-ordering the Firestarter and/or Pacesetter Plushie.

If 200 or more units are sold, then the campaign is considered successfully funded and the plushie will be made and shipped by Makeship. If 199 or less units are sold, then the campaign will be cancelled and all backers will receive a refund.

Q: When is the campaign?

The campaign lasts from May 30th at 12PM EST to July 2nd at 12PM EST.

Q: What if the campaign fails? Will I get my money back?

If the campaign does not achieve its funding goal, all orders will be refunded within 2-7 business days after.

Q: How much of the money I pay will go to charity?

If 200 - 399 units are sold, 10% of the gross value of each plushie ($2.99) will be donated to GLYS.

If 400 or more units are sold, 30% of the gross value of each plushie ($8.99) will be donated to GLYS.

Example: If 250 units are sold, $747.5 (10% of $7475) will be donated to GLYS. If 500 units are sold, $4498.5 (30% of $14995) will be donated to GLYS.

Regardless of units sold, if the campaign is successfully funded, 10% of the gross value of each plushie ($2.99) will be donated to The Trevor Project. The rest of the proceeds will go to Makeship.

If the campaign fails to reach its funding goal (i.e. 199 or less units are sold), the campaign is cancelled, all backers will be refunded and no donations will be made to GLYS or The Trevor Project.

Q: How can I verify that the money is indeed going to the charities?

Makeship will be handling the donations to the charities on behalf of Corporate Clash. We will request the relevant receipts and post them to our Transparency Hub, as applicable.

Additionally, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit (EIN: 82-4222657) registered in the United States of America, which requires us to submit publicly-available financial returns to the tax authorities.

Plushie Details, Shipping and Returns

Q: What is the plushie's size and material?


  • Height: 18.9cm (Firestarter) / 20.3cm (Pacesetter)

Some heights may vary due to hair, or additional accessories.


  • Polypropylene Cotton
  • Plush Fabric (Ultra Soft Fleece)

Handwash warm or cool only. Do not machine wash or dry clean.

All PRIDE 2024 Plushies and Jumbo Plushies come with one free Pride Flag Cape based on the Valentino Vecchietti flag design!

Q: How much is the plushie?

The plushie is $29.99, excluding shipping costs.

Q: When will the Firestarter and Pacesetter plushies ship?

Each plushie will be shipped 2-3 months after the campaign end date.

Once shipped, estimated delivery is 7-15 business days. Delivery to some areas may take 10-30 business days.

Q: Do you ship to my location?

Makeship ships to most locations; for more information please visit their FAQ.

Q: I'm not happy with my purchase / I would like to cancel my order. How do I get a refund?

Before the campaign ends, you may email with your order number to receive a full refund.

After the campaign ends, all sales are no longer refundable, except if the campaign fails to reach its funding goals.

Q: My plushie arrives damaged. What do I do?

For damaged products, please visit Makeship Help Center.

Q: If I miss the campaign window, will I still be able to buy the plushie at a later date?

No; as the plushie is limited-run, once the campaign ends, you will not have a chance to purchase the plushie again.