The Firestarter and Pacesetter Plush Charity Campaign Raises $32,113!

Posted on by The Corporate Clash Crew

Thank you so much for supporting the Firestarter and Pacesetter Pride Plushies Campaign over the past month. We’ve sold 2,677 plushies and have raised a total of $32,113* for GLYS and The Trevor Project!

The Firestarter and Pacesetter are two very important characters to us, as they represent a huge step forward in how we depict our characters and their relationships. This campaign brings a spotlight to the two of them and celebrates what they mean to us and our community. Your support for us will also benefit both the Trevor Project and GLYS, as they work to support and better the lives of LGBT+ youth.

Important Information

Shipping is scheduled to begin on September 25th, 2024, though some delays may occur, as these plushies are custom and will take time to make and process. Makeship will contact all affected backers in case of delays. Be sure to post pictures of your plushies under #MakeshipPride!

Like our last campaign, all payments received from the campaign will be directly donated to our chosen charity, Gay and Lesbian Youth Services. We will be uploading relevant payment details to our Transparency Hub HERE. All donations to the Trevor Project will be handled by Makeship.

Firestarter and Pacesetter milestone rewards are already in the works, and we hope to have them in-game soon. For tiers that were not reached, we still have plans in the works to bring them to life, just at a later date while we prioritize other features.

As part of the celebration, the community has unlocked a 9-hour (32,113 seconds, rounded up to the nearest hour) All-Star Booster! We will release the code after our in-game birthday celebration ends, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media for the latest updates!

Thank you again for another successful campaign and for changing the lives for LGBTQ+ youth. You all are TOON enough!

* Preliminary figures, to be confirmed by Makeship