Let The Games Begin!

Posted on by The Team

Hey there! We hope you all have been having an enjoyable time over this past month. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, so we wanted to take this time to announce an exciting new update coming to Toontown: Corporate Clash!
You may have noticed some somewhat unique looking toons in our blog art for today. That’s because we have something exciting to announce!
Introducing: Outback at the Barnyard!
The Toon Council is continuously looking for new toons to join the Toon Resistance, and today is one of the most exciting for that very reason! 
Flippy himself has put out a memo to the lands outside of Toontown featuring their needs for help, and including a “free” vacation! Well the word has gotten out, and now eight new species of toons are waiting to battle it out to get their hands on those free vacation tickets straight to Toontown!
The feud is so extreme in fact, that in order to raise their chances of winning, these eight species have teamed up into two groups of four!
From the species that roam and graze the fields, to the species crawling, climbing, and even hopping about the outback. This competition has truly unfolded into something intense!
Without further ado, let’s reveal our competing teams!
Representing Team Barnyard, we have the Cow, Sheep, Chicken, and Goat doing their best to prove the barnyard is the team for Toontown!
And representing Team Outback, we have the Kangaroo, Armadillo, Kiwi, and Koala showing us the only way to do things right in Toontown is the way of the outback!
The competition is fierce. So much so that we need YOUR help! That’s right, it’s up to you and your fellow toons of Toontown to decide who gets to join the fight against the cogs!
Here’s how it’ll work
Starting today we’ll allow you to pick which team you want to support. Team Barnyard, or Team Outback. Just head to the bottom of this blog once you’re finished reading and follow the steps to select your preferred team.
From there your team will be linked to your toons. Head back into Toontown: Corporate Clash and take down the cogs!
For each cog you defeat, you’ll earn one point towards your team.
This competition will be an on-going event, featuring blog posts and updates from these competitors all the way up to our exciting and ambitious 1.1 update. From there we will announce the winners alongside the release of some other exciting content being developed behind the scenes that you won’t want to miss!
So don’t delay. Think about which team you’d want represented in Toontown: Corporate Clash and choose today! It’s up to you and your fellow toons to make the right team win!
We hope you’re as excited as we are to get the ball rolling!
We lastly want to thank you all for sticking with us throughout this continual learning process. We continually do our best to take steps forward each day, and we frequently are looking to not only stabilise the game, but also to provide future content. We’ve got much more in store, and we’re looking forward to announcing that to you guys in the near future as we continue work on our 1.1 update! Until the next blog post, enjoy your time on Corporate Clash, and we hope to see you in-game!

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