The Competition Heats Up!

Posted on by The Team

Hey there toons of Corporate Clash! We hope you’ve been enjoying your time as of late here on Corporate Clash. Especially with our Outback at the Barnyard event on-going!
After nearly two weeks of competing, we’re blown away at the sheer amount of work being put in by all toons alike! With over 4.5 million cogs defeated so far, Outback is currently leading, with Barnyard not far behind!
This competition is getting more and more interesting as the days go by, so much in fact, that the Toon Council have allowed toons to start petitioning outside the Toon Hall!
Bucky Barnyard, a pig from the barnyards of Toontown, and Olly Outback, an alligator with crocodile cousins, have set up shop, calling for any toons on their teams to join them in the competition!
We’ve even heard the word that these two leaders for each side have begun offering rewards to the toons willing to put in a lot of work towards their teams! Make sure you go and complete it before the event ends!
We've also pushed out our 1.0.7 release which features some other cool additions to the game. Make sure to check out the release notes here
Everyone have a toony time, keep the competitive spirit up, and we’ll see you all in Toontown: Corporate Clash!