Get involved!

Posted on by The Team

Hey, there toons! Flippy here with some exciting news regarding our Outback at the Barnyard event!
I’ve been a bit busy lately with some rather “eerie” circumstances that have popped up, so my usual role in helping the community is a bit vacant at the moment.
With Team Outback leading by a margin of 67.7%, Barnyard has a ways to go! But this is where you and the teams come in!
I’m introducing a new wrinkle in the pages of the competition, all about helping our community of toons!
Starting today, you can talk to your team representative and work with them to complete the new community-based task!
Make sure to get to work as soon as you can for your team, because the team that has the most members with the task completed will earn their team DOUBLE the number of points they currently have! 
That means if your team wins, your total score gets automatically doubled! This could cause drama, intensity, and potentially throw the certainty on the winning team up in the air!
Don’t hesitate! Make sure to get around Toontown and help the community today!

And be sure to check out our release notes here!