Free Holiday Trip - On Us!

Posted on by The Team

Hi there, toons! I'm glad to have the opportunity to be here with you today to share some exciting news! My name is Pepper Minstix, and I'm an elf!
Do you know what time it is? Whistling winds, cold fluffy snow falling from the skies, fluffy jackets designed to keep you warm, drinks you underestimate and accidentally scorch your tongue. The entire works!
That's right, toons! It's winter! But not only that, I've come alllll the way here to The Brrrgh personally to offer you a special trip.
You see, for many years now we've gone along with our normal operations without fail in our far-off town. But the cogs have been trying to put a stop to that, and it's brought hardship on our toons in not only staying safe, but getting the supplies necessary for a great holiday season!
That's why I'm right here with my best friend Steve the Snowman in The Brrrgh to offer you guys a trip. I'm a licensed elf to ride Santa's sleigh to and from Toontown, and we're wanting you to come back with me to our town of celebratory wonder! If you're not busy helping out Steve here, or carolling around Toontown, anyways.
When you're not busy enjoying some delicious, warm pie, take a trip with me back to our land of Toonseltown. I'll be working with the toons of Toonseltown each day from here until the last day of this great year to get you tasks to help us with, so check back with me in Toonseltown for where to go!
So, come help us in stopping the waves of cogs from stealing our presents, help the toons of Toonseltown, and get some presents for your hard work, with more coming each and every day!
Have a great holiday season, and see you in Toonseltown!