Happy New Year!

Posted on by The Team

Happy New Year, toons of the world!
It’s hard to believe that this year has already somehow managed to come and pass. It feels so soon! If you ask me, it was just the other day that I started picking up my cupcakes and joy buzzers and taking down the cogs for the very first time, not months ago!
Oh, and you may be asking who I am. No need for formal introductions. I’m just another rabbit toon along the likes of all of you helping out with the New Year festivities we have planned! We are just a hop, skip and a jump away from 2019, after all!
Speaking of festivities, prepare your eyes for colorful wonder! All throughout the next few days until January 3rd, fireworks will occasionally light up the skies of Toontown. Brilliant bright red, blue and green explosions for each and every toon to enjoy!
Oh, and I hear that some of the other toons helping with these festivities are going to be handing out exclusive New Years clothing over in Toontown Central. If you help them out, that is! You won’t want to miss it. It’s the only opportunity you’ll get to nab these 2019 celebratory pieces!
Anyways, I gotta get back to working. These fireworks here won’t get into position by themselves! Have a Happy New Year, and we hope you enjoy the show!
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