Corporate Clash Needs YOUR Help!

Posted on by The Team

ATTENTION TOONTOWN: We need YOUR help in battling against a threat much larger than the C.O.G.S themselves - GAME DEVELOPMENT.

That’s right folks, Toontown: Corporate Clash is once again hiring, and we’re looking for help on all fronts in every department! (Have I mentioned there are a plethora of NEW positions ready to be filled as well?)
With 2019 in full swing, it is shaping up to be an IMMENSE one for Corporate Clash, with our long anticipated v1.1.0 update not all too far away. It’s slated to be one of the largest updates the Tooniverse as a whole has seen in YEARS, with many ambitious and outside of the box ideas never before seen in any form of Toontown. The update itself is making great progress, but we’re looking for a few extra hands to assist in the process, as well as work on the many more updates we have in store for the future! 
You can read up on full descriptions for any of the positions we are currently hiring for on our Applications page, but here’s a peek into some of the many positions we are looking for Toons to fill, some of which are brand new!:
Creative Team:
  • 3D Animator
  • 3D Modeler
  • Brand Artist
  • Comic Artist
  • Re-texture Artist
  • Sound Engineer
  • Texture Artist
Technical Positions:
  • Game Developer
  • Web Developer
Community Team:
  • Public Relations
Moderation Team:
  • Moderator
Support Team:
  • Support Representative

 We look forward to hearing from many of you soon, and cannot stress enough how exciting of a year it’ll truly be for Toontown: Corporate Clash. If you feel there’s a position that we don’t offer, but is something you feel you’d be able to benefit our team with, feel free to reach out to us at as well! 

Are YOU Toon Enough? Click HERE to apply!
…...But that’s not all, folks!
The Toontown: Corporate Clash Discord Server has gone under some MAJOR renovations, and we’re proud to announce it’s been completely rebranded!
In doing so, we’ve helped make things more efficient, and it now serves as a true community hub for all things Corporate Clash, with a vast array of new features to assist Toons in game and out, as well as many new ways to keep the community engaged!
If you’re not already a member, you can click the button below to check out the Toontown: Corporate Clash Discord server yourself, and stay connected to all things happening throughout the TOONiverse!
 You can also come celebrate Hallowthanksmas with The Corporate Clash Crew as you go behind the scenes in our latest Backstage Blogpost, which can be read HERE