Valentoon’s Day is here!

Posted on by The Team

Oh boy! Ohboyohboyohboyohboy! 
It's finally once again that time of year, for love in the air far and near!
For those of you who don't know, my name is Rose S.R. Redd, and I'm all about spreading the love and the cheer! Especially the love though, and BOY DO I LOVE HUGS! Big hugs, small hugs, even medium rare hugs... I love 'em all!
Anyways, every year around Valentoon's Day, plushies like me are ALL THE RAGE for Toons to one another, and I don't blame them! Nothing like a nice lil' gift to show one another just how lovey-dovey they are to each other. Ah... how nice that must be... having a Valentoon to call their own... how swee-GAH! Sorry about that, I seem to have gotten distracted again! Like I was saying, I'm not like one of those other plushies. If it isn't obvious already, I've got a mind of my own! I can't just sit around! I need to help the Toons of the World figure out the true meaning of love! 
Come pay me a visit in Mezzo Melodyland, atop one of those suuuuuuper cute drums, where I'll be hoppin' and boppin' about! I want YOU to come and assist me in my efforts to help as many Toons as possible feel those warm fuzzy feelings of love! I may just have a special reward or two for you for stopping by!
Now, unfortunately the band has only allowed me to rent out their equipment to play some love songs until Thursday, February 21st, 6PM EST, so pretty please with a cherry on top stop by before then! Help make this Valentoon's Day a truly special one!
Rose S.R. Redd