Operation: MAYDAY

Posted on by The Team

Official Loony Labs Announcement
To all Toons of Toontown,
Upon further investigation of a nearby meteorite crash, scientists of Loony Labs have come to the conclusion that it was in fact, not a meteorite. The scene was documented with a mysterious big red X stamp and a note scribbled on the side implying not to disclose its location to the public. The contents of this crash appear to be plane-like in origin. As a result, the scientists of Loony Labs have had constant daydreams of flying high in the sky. "Where do planes take off?" was one of the first questions asked in our carefully coordinated, not spontaneous at all super scientific project, to which Dr. Simpletoon answered simply, "A runway." After a long discussion, 17 kerfuffles and a much needed pie battle between Professor Loosescrew and Builder Bob, a settlement was made on the vast empty area of Acorn Acres Minigames…
H-E-L-L-O-O-O-O there, everybody! Doe Vinci here, the newest, LOUDEST and cRaZiEsT Toon in Toontown! How did I get here you ask? Well, I was flying my airplane way up in the sky trying to take a snapshot of all those beautiful butterflies fluttering and buttering around, when I fell right out of my plane! Have you ever jumped so high from sheer excitement you fall right out of a plane? I travelled so very far and wide to arrive in this spectacular Town, I almost ran out of my specialty paint cans! You know what the first thing I want to do in Toontown is? Visit Flippy! WHY? Because a little birdy told me that he has a whole hoard of paintings in his office! Art in Toontown? Now, that is something I have yet to see! I have traveled so, so, so, so very near and far AND far and near and all in-between to get here, it's just so wonderful to finally be here and-
Oh! What is all that noise and why is my office a wreck? Who stole my ceiling? Webster is trying to sleep here! Oh wait… I mean Webster is trying to READ here! Don't you know how to be quiet in a library? Wait… this isn't a library you say? Or is it? Well, I'll have you know, I have read every single Toonspearean play created to date. Even if the pigs don't enjoy the eloquence of Hamlet, it is one of the most stupendous playwright tragedies in history. Who are you? Who am I? Well, I am surely glad you asked because I have a whole 5-part, 1,376-page autobiography written out just for this one question. Doe Vinci, did you just fall out of the sky? Why are you getting all that paint all over my finest pieces of classical literature? You know what actual art is? Words. Words are a whole lot more factual than messy colour splotches.
New Socials
Give a warm welcome to Doe Vinci and Webster, the new faces of our brand new, and up and coming Instagram and Twitter social media pages! That's right, these two were TOONTASTIC enough to take over for us! Be sure to follow each and every one of our platforms, as we have a lot in store this year that you do not want to miss out on!