It’s Almost Ready!

Posted on by The Team

Can we build it? YES WE CAN! In fact, construction of the plane is almost complete! While standing around with my megaphone, absolutely just SCREAMING and SHOUTING out of my periwinkle megaphone, I was quite surprised to find out that those Scientoons are actually a bit more construction savvy than you may think! I’ve also overheard that we are now officially in Phase 3 of Operation: MAYDAY, and we’re almost go for launch. We’re only missing a matter of a few sprockets, lockets, and whatever else I can find in my pockets! Be sure to visit us out at the Acorn Acres Minigames area once more if you’d like to check in on our progress!
I suspect it’ll only take a few more days until construction is finalized, from which we’ll be looking for Toons brave enough to help us take it for a test flight! Even the Scientoons and I still have absolutely NO CLUE where it’ll end up taking us, but I’ve heard some whispers and mutterings about an undiscovered land , or, well, at least undiscovered to us Toons of Toontown. Rumor has it someone may have already settled there. 
Anyway, enough of the serious talk, I'VE GOTTA GET BACK TO THE SCREAMING! Someone’s gotta direct these Toons on what to do! We’re in the home stretch though, and it’s only a matter of time now...