Did Someone Say Present?

Posted on by Lord Lowden Clear

GOOD DAY TOONS! Sorry, was that too loud? Next time I will ditch the megaphone! Lord Lowden Clear here to tell you all about the next update coming to Toontown Corporate Clash! 
I’ve seen so many Toons walk through the bold doors of my headquarters and eventually into the iron doors of the V.P., C.F.O, C.J., and C.E.O. You’ve truly let those cream pies fly and pianos drop! The Toon Resistance would like to show our gratitude to some TOON-tastic stars with Cog Department Experience Rewards
That’s right, you heard me loud and clear! Who doesn’t like presents? These gifts aren’t free though! They cost hard work, dedication, and outstanding performance against the dreadful Corporate bosses themselves, that have been spoiling all the fun in our town! Similar to all the times you almost crashed your kart in Roadster Raceway, caught an old boot in The Brrrgh, and hit a golf ball into a tree in Acorn Acres, Cog bosses will now have an experience bar! 
You will not receive any Laff points as rewards, but you will surely have a laugh after knocking the VP off a cliff for the fiftieth time, and look amazing doing it in BRAND NEW Cog Department outfits after reaching level 10! If changing your style isn’t your thing, you will also receive promotion discounts on your next suit advancement once you obtain the 20th mark! To explain in a clearer way, if you are a level 18 Mr. Hollywood with 2360/2360 merits, you will receive 2360 merits for your next promotion after tackling that pesky V.P.! However if you are a level 19 Mr. Hollywood with 5500/5500 merits, your next requirement will start again at 0/680 merits, bummer. 
Once you are max level, which is level 30, you will earn a +1 reward boost! For example, if you are a rank 50 Mr. Hollywood, you will receive 4 SOS cards in a tier 4 V.P., and 5 on Surplus Sunday! Sound like a good deal Toons? I think so too! 
Additionally, you can also snatch your paws on a TOP SECRET prize after having maxed experience in at least four departments! Oh golly! I love me a surprise! 
There is a substantial amount of work to be done to keep these nasty robots out of our beloved home, and the Toon Resistance needs every single one of your help! So get those seltzer bottles and fruit pies and llet'sts get tossing! 

Yours truly,
Lord Lowden Clear