Save Me A Slice of Cake!

Posted on by Grumpy Gordon

.….Hey... WHADDYA WANT??! Can’t you see I'm trying to catch some ZZZs?.... Party you say?.... Sigh…. streamers or balloons? … Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t be grumpy! ….. Today is Toontown: Corporate Clash’s one year anniversary? This calls for a CELEBRATION!!!!

Greetings and salutations Toons, Grumpy Gordon here from Wet Blanket Party Planners! 

I’m not going to lie today I thought I was just going to have to plan another disappointing party, but it turns out today’s celebration brings a smile to this ill-tempered, wrinkly face! One year ago today, myself and various other shopkeepers moved into the festive streets of Toontown: Corporate Clash and were greeted by multiple eager, Toony vacationers jogging through our doors and helping us put an end to the continued threat that is the dull, lifeless bots outside our stores. Millions of pies were tossed, Trolley games were played, Cogs exploded, and rare fish were caught. On behalf of the Toontown: Corporate Clash Team, I would like to relay their continued gratitude and appreciation for all that take part in this vibrant, joyous adventure!  Every single Toon that has ever stepped their paw through Flippy’s entrance is admired by the Staff, who have put hard work into making this game possible. From the bottom of my not always so festive and often grouchy heart, thank you for your TOONtastic dedication and effort that keeps the Team awake and ready to put an end to the sinister robots that prance around our village! Alright enough of the giddy chit-chat, I put my beauty sleep on pause for this! Let’s get to the most important aspect of any party, the cake! 

As a thank you from the folks at Toontown: Corporate Clash, all players will now receive their very own birthday cake hat to celebrate the anniversary of this project! When was the last time someone let you eat an ENTIRE cake? Now if you ask me, this is the real cherry on top! 

Here’s to another TOONtastic and hopefully sugar filled year! Now if you’ll excuse me, *yawn* my pillow is calling me, save me a slice of cake!