Outback To The Basics

Posted on by The Team

Why hello there Toons, Travis here, your neighbourhood dumpster diving cat. Now im guessing you all read le title of this post, so let me confirm that Flippy is not giving me the old boot out of ToonTown for living in dem trash cans and mooching off of newer Toons for a free meal…. Yet. 
However I have seen a lot of youse Toons lately referring to the taskline as trash, and I would like youse all to know I actually take pride in myself as a very classy and trashy feline and I will not be associated with such… garbage. Speaking of.. what’s that foul odor, smells like someone hasn’t washed in the pond in days? Hey! You dere what brings you to my can to interrupt my blog post? 
Uh.. Hi I’m Bert and I like dirt, I was wondering if you needed help cleaning up the taskline. I’m working on my mud pie collection and I could really use that soil…. Excuse me? I’m the resident trash cat here, I ain’t sharing my trash without a cost. Why don’t you go fetch me another one of them peanut butter and jelly fishes and then maybe we will talk, now SCRAM my nose hairs are going sad!... Maybe you’d like one of my mud pies instead? After all who doesn’t like dirt? 
Catch! Later!... HEY! Where you running to? Get back here! You dirtied my outfit and it costed me 7 whole beans to dry clean! Anyways Toons, guess I’m going to have to go catch that dirty cat, but know that unlike Bert the squeaky clean taskline will be out today! Now I just need to make space in my can to store all that trash…. 
Until Next Time, Get back here Bert!! 

G’day mates, Olly Outback here to tell y’all some exciting news! My friends, Kangaroo, Koala, Kiwi, and Armadillo, have packed all their bags and are getting ready to head on over to Toontown! 
It has been quite a while in the works from when you first voted for our squad to even have a chance to participate in this Toony vacation. Ta for all your patience and we promise once we arrive we will not let you down! Armadillo has taken the longest but finally he was ready to get in front of the camera and pose for some of Doe Vinci’s pictures before we started heading out. The Outback Toons cannot wait to see you in game! Without further ado I am now going to pass the keyboard over to Cool Ray to tell you all about his rad-ish agenda while I book a flight! 
Helloooo Toons Of the World, Cool Ray here! It was quite a delightful experience when I gave you all fresh looks in my totally rad shop in Daffodil Gardens, and I would like to tell you all about some awesome makeovers the Creative Team for Toontown Corporate Clash and I have been planning to put some fresh paint on! 
The Creative Team and I have been speaking with Crocodile, Beaver, Raccoon, Fox and Bat about switching up their looks into an even more TOONtastic style and we have gotten permission to Toon them Up! Some improvements that are being fashioned into this fad are taller ears for Fox, wider cheeks for Racoon, with a more traditionally Toony nose for Beaver as well. 
I believe these distinctive changes will look absolutely fabulous on our pals, and I cannot wait to see the upgrade! Now before I go through my wig collection and scented perfumes, the Corporate Clash Crew would love to hear from YOU! That’s right, YOU can leave any feedback you have for the Outback Species or my makeover clients in the poll inserted in this Blog post! 
Until next time, Au Revoir!