Spa Day

Posted on August 25, 2019 by The Team

Namaste, Toon. Welcome to What A Releaf Day Spa. My name is Relaxed Roger and I will be your masseur. 

Please have a seat, put your feet up and here’s some green tea from Chortle Cafe to sip on. Tell me how are you feeling today? My last clients were the Outback Toons and let me just tell you, they needed major beauty tips. So of course, I worked my magic to fix a couple broken nails and pluck some eyebrow hairs. 

When they walked out of my salon they were really stylin! Would you like your nails round or squared? Rectangles? Okay. Anyways, each Outback Species now has their own unique heights and sizes. I also called in our wardrobe personnel to work on their accessory placement and tweak a bit of those hats from flying off their heads in windy Barnacle Boatyard. Our salon personnel has carefully tailored new clothing and accessories for Olly Outback to share to spice up everyone else’s wardrobes too! 

They aren’t cheap though! My silk thread costs lots of Didgeridollars! As a way to pay me back and contribute to my salon worker’s tips, the Didgeridollar cap has been raised to 6500. I know a dollar isn’t easy to earn, trust me I wash customers' feet and half the time I don’t even get a tip because they aren’t very fond of the shade of magenta I used on their nails! As a result, Didgeridollar earnings have also been buffed to make getting that moolah much more efficient, along with dialogue and objective modifications! 

That’s a lot, how would you like your hair styled? I think a mohawk would look magnificent, it will really bring out your eyelashes! Okay, just a spritz of my lotus blossom perfume and voilah! 

What do you think? Please be sure to give my spa a 5 star review, more words have been whitelisted for you  to express your feedback!

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