Posted on by Resistance Ranger Rocky

(bugles playing) 
TESTING.. 1.. 2… 3.. Is this megaphone on?... TOON-Tastic! 
Greetings Toons, 
Resistance Ranger Rocky here! The time has finally come, newest recruit! Get your peels, cupcakes, and bike horns ready, and let The Operation begin! 
Here’s the plan: The Resistance needs you to bust into as many of those gloomy Lawbot HQ facilities as possible! Take down their offices, and grab as many legal Dockets as you can! We need all Toons big and small to help shut down the Lawbot’s legal system, and Break The Law! Our goal is to COMPLETELY DESTROY LAWBOT HQ. By the end of this strike, we’re hoping we’re able to shut down The C.O.G.S. Legal Department - FOR GOOD...
“...Wait a minute.. Break The Law? Are you sure about that, Rocky? I don’t want to go to the Ye Olde Toontowne Jail, I heard its really dark in there, and there’s spid-”
Quiet, Eskimo Ed! Now, where was I? Ah yes, Breaking The Law! 
Try to build up those dull looking Lawbot suits, and take down the CJ for even more Dockets! He will never see us coming! That powdered wig of his blinds his eyes. You can restock your Gags at our BRAND NEW Gag kiosk set up in the Headquarters as well!  Once you get enough Dockets, head on over to The Resistance Outpost constructed by our very own Builder Bob and crew, located right outside of Lawbot HQ. Exchange your Dockets for cool prizes as a thank you for helping our Operation! There’s plenty available from the start, and more to come! 
Stop by the Toon Resistance Outpost today, and begin your first task!

Greetings shall I say my name?
It is I. Count. Count, Erclaim
Did you really think I was dead?
Now that’s just silly, use your head
For I have been crafting the plans for my humble home,
Where Toons and Lawbots roam
It is the season where I stroll through the night,
And if you choose not to run in fright
But somehow bring me to my defeat,
You will earn yourself a treat
Decked in the spookiest of wear,
You are sure to give others a scare
But don’t think it will be an easy game,
For nobody puts to shame
The noble vampire who has come to fame,
The one and only Count Erclaim. 
Just when we thought we were clear to commence our operation in full force, none other than Count Erclaim has made his grand return! Break into his office, and help put a stop to him once more, so we can proceed further with Operation: BREAK THE LAW!
You can read the full patch notes “HERE”