A Little Something Sweet

Posted on by Rose S.R. Redd

Bonjour Toons, it’s Rose S.R. Redd!

I’m back again for the most lovable day of the year… no not Christmas, Valentoons Day! Sadly, I am yet again without a valentoon this year. That won’t get my spirits down though! All of you can be my valentoon! The best part of having a valentoon is the free chocolate.

I am an absolute sucker for peanut butter chocolate! I don’t have any jellybeans to buy chocolate but I do have an exclusive reward for anyone who uses the code “LOVESTRUCK”. Now we just have to bring back the Valentoon’s spirit in Toontown! It seems to me that Toons are missing their flower deliveries!

As if a Valentoon’s Day without chocolate couldn’t get any worse, a Valentoon’s Day without roses is a nightmare! Come visit me in Mezzo Melodyland and help me solve this problem, and I will give you an extra reward for your troubles! 

Lots of Love, 

Rose S.R. Redd

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