Con’fiddle’uded Vacation

Posted on by Lepp R. Khan

Good day laddies! It’s spectacular to meet you all!

Flippy invited me to host a good ol’ St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Toon Hall. I was on my way to pick up some cabbage when I realized no party is complete without some good ol’ Irish step dancing. 

So, I went to get me fiddle... but I guess I forgot to keep my lucky clover at home and some business-ey leprechaun outright snatched it from my gloves! I definitely don’t have the time to chase rainbows looking for that thief and boil cabbage. Perhaps you can help me? 

Catching that leprechaun is going to be trickier than finding a four-leaf clover, but if you can do so and return my beloved fiddle to me, I will reward you with treasures greater than a pot o’ gold! I would be so lucky to have your help! 

Thanks again,

 Lepp R. Khan

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