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Note: this was an article for 2020 April Toons (April Fools).

Heyyy sisters! It’s ya girl Big Corngus*heart emoji* *corn emoji* *sparkle emoji*, here with a very important message! I’m collabing with the Resistance Rangers to encourage today’s toons to go out and RIDE THE TROLLEY *trolleytrain emoji* *hearteyes emoji*. The trolley helps toons practice for the harsh reality of fighting cogs *gear emoji* shocked emoji*.
Surely this has happened to some of you, like in my last VP fight Vlog, where your accidentally miss a crucial pie to heal one of your fellow toons, and then you’re all like sksksksksksksksksksks, and then you OOP hard? Well, this may be because you haven’t been playing as much Cog Thief *barrel emoji*! Alternatively, if like in my most recent video, “Witness Stand-In Trio Attempt #47 (Gone Wrong) (Sad Toons)”, you’re struggling with getting toons onto the witness stand, you may be able to improve your accuracy by playing more of the Cannon Game *cannon emoji*! Ice slide can help you with aiming jumps to avoid the nasty sludge in factories *nauseated emoji*, and Toon Escape can help with getting through the weird paths in mints *running man emoji*.

Since riding the trolley is such an important part of making sure YOU are toon enough, the Resistance Rangers are coughing up 10 times the usual jellybean reward for each minigame *moneyeyes emoji* *flying wallet emoji*. In addition, those of you who are frequent follOwOers of my channel will probably be exited to hear that I have NEW MERCH coming out now!!! This time we’re selling corn flavoured jellybeans, in special limited time jars modeled to look like corn cobs! You can get these deeeeeeeeeelicious jellybeans for a small exchange ratio of 10 to 1, with the cob design jars costing a cheap 3000 jellybeans!

P.S. So while I was meeting with the Resistance Rangers, you would NOT believe who I met!!! I got to meet ELVIS PURRSLEY EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *shocked emoji* *shocked emoji* *guitar emoji* *cat emoji* *crown emoji*. I know it’s pretty hard to believe so I took a selfie with him, and let me tell you he was soooooooooo in to it, I think he might get in touch with me later for a colab on his music *eyes emoji* *smiley face emoji*

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