Sunny Side Up Deliveries

Posted on by Diane Egg

Jolly day, Toons! My name is Diane Egg. 

*sniff sniff* You smell that? The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and yet another lovely Easter season has arrived! Ah, I just adore Easter! Back in my hometown, my brother Peter and I would chase each other through sunflower fields, and have scavenger hunts for Easter Eggs. I sure do miss him, but he is quite the busy rabbit this time of year! I decided to take a load off of him and handle the basket deliveries to Toontown this year! Oh, I can’t wait for Mother Wood and the children to get this lovely basket I put together! All I have to do now is put on a nice pink bow and--

*bah bah da bah bah bah dum*

Hey you rotten robot give me that back, that’s for the children!

*bah da da dum*

Hey, get back here! Dang it. That foul droid took my basket! I didn't even get to add in the jellybeans! Oh, this is terrible, what am I going to do? Perhaps you all could help me? Oh, pretty pretty please? Come see me in Toontown Central and help me restore the Easter spirit, and perhaps I’ll put together some Easter goodies for you as well! Thank you loves, and I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! 

..Oh, Easter is already over? Huh. Well, that won't stop me! The Easter themed fun has just begun in Toontown, and it starts here! Don't forget to also use code "EGGCELLENT" in your Shtickerbook for an exclusive limited edition background and nameplate!