Operation: Break the Bugs

Posted on by Charlie Chamberpot

What’s up Toons? 

I’m Charlie Chamberpot, Drowsy Dreamland’s resident repairman! I’ve been waking up everyday at the crack of dawn to tighten a few loose screws affecting your gameplay in Toontown, and I’m very pleased to say that an assortment of pesky bugs have finally been squashed!

Speaking of, I was on my way to help some of my pals take down that walking cash register many refer to as “The C.F.O” when a train came by and stopped me in my tracks! I know I have oil on my suit, but I could have sworn I didn’t get any red paint on it! So, I got out my ladder and fixed some of the light bulbs in Cashbot HQ, and finally got rid of that hideous red filter from April Toons Week! 

Next, using my wrench, I was finally able to get the gag panel to properly display triple damage when using Zap on a soaked Cog. Once that was repaired, I hammered some new Cog level information into the Cog Panels that Rest gave me from Toon Headquarters. Oh yeah, while giving Lawbot HQ a brief visit, I'd overheard the Resistance Rangers talking about some sort of information of their own. I wonder what that's all about?

After a long day’s work, I decided to take a swim in the waters of the Treasure Dive minigame to relax. I better invest in some new bug spray because everywhere I go the bugs just seem to follow me! Sticky Lou must have spilled some glue in that water, because those treasure chests were stuck to the ground real tight! It took all my strength and a bit of glue remover, but I was finally able to yank those chests out of the ground. No more of that sticky situation! 

Well Toons, I must get going, a kiwi in Barnacle Boatyard needs me to fix their boat! Know that I’ve been working night and day on repairs, and be sure to check out the latest Patch Notes for a complete list of everything that has changed! 

See ya on the flip side!