The Corporate Clash v1.1.0 Update is HERE!

Posted on July 23, 2020 by Toon News For The Amused

Gooooood morning, Toontown! 

Welcome to another edition of Toon News for the Amused, and boy do we have a special broadcast for you! After nearly 2 years of work by the Corporate Clash Crew, the long awaited and highly anticipated Toontown: Corporate Clash  v1.1.0 Update is HERE!

You can watch the Corporate Clash v1.1.0 Gameplay Trailer HERE.

Wow, talk about exciting, I can hardly contain myself! Now then, let’s take a closer look at everything that’s new around town with this latest update, with exclusive coverage on some of it’s highlights!
The Lawbot Department of C.O.G.S. Incorporated has undergone a massive transformation.
Here at C.O.G.S. Incorporated, advancement is what we strive for. Lawbot Headquarters, the central station for practicing law, is no exception. Unlike the neighboring corners of C.O.G.S. Incorporated, we seek to appease our clientele. Whether it’s through contracts, neutralizing a competitor, or organizing a new business’ operations, Lawbot Headquarters can, with certitude, do it all with utmost satisfaction.

We, as Lawbots, have expanded and gone forth with our studies of corporate law, leaving behind the old, former, and hindering practices of our previous station. With our redesign and new organizers, we have brought about a new generation of Lawbots with the space necessary to transcend in business relations. 

We are “BUILT FOR SUCCESS”, and everything inside our walls is done with maximum effort and efficiency, as well as providing what our patrons need most.

Lawbot HQ is now Under New Management, and with it has come an entirely new Cog Headquarters to explore. Can YOU take down the CLO?

One! Two! Three! Step it up!
We are always trying to keep Toontown healthy, and running is a great way to do that! For a long time, we have been limited to just walking through tunnels and that makes goin’ places way slower, but I’ve found a way to speed things up! Happy Feet is gonna show you how you can live a healthier and faster life, you might just see things work even smoother! It’s crazy just what some fitness can do! 

Keep those feet movin’! That’s the way to do it!

Feeling tired? Great! You are about to be amazed, everything is about to become way faster for you. It’ll sting a bit tomorrow, but you’ll be glad you are staying healthy! Now go out and dance through the tunnels! You’ll be shocked how much faster it is than that walking you used to do!

Overall, the performance of Toontown has improved dramatically. Corporate Clash now runs the smoothest it ever has. Across the board, you’ll see increases in frame rate and overall game performance!
Don’t worry, Bay T. Tester, Barry B. is on the case! 

Hi, Toons! Barry B. from “Bee Flat Exterminators” here, your resident bug brawler! My phone has been ringing off the line lately about sneaky insects ruining your gameplay. So, today I have my bug spray in one glove and my mask in the other, and I am ready to squash those bugs so you can keep squashing those Cogs! I’ve been getting multiple complaints about creepy crawlers in the Cog Headquarters, and honestly I’m not surprised to see spiders in these gloomy facilities, so let’s head over to Lawbot HQ first!

Gadzooks! Watch your step, Toon! I didn’t know these floorboards were so loose! How can anybody sprint in here with termites chewing at the floor? Stand back, I got this. Just some fumigation here, and a bit of bug spray there and… voila! You should be able to sprint in any boss battle or Cog facility now!

I got myself into quite the sticky situation yesterday when I tried to get rid of the termites in the laser games. My spray froze the puzzles and they weren’t able to update! Luckily, it dried after a while and now they should be good to go! While you were trying not to slip, I also dusted off some cobwebs on your level bar and maxed text. Now you can have a clear look at your experience without having to relog! I’m getting bored in this dull venue, let's head back to The Brrrgh!

 Yikes! These cobwebs are quite sticky, I didn’t know The Brrrgh also had a spider problem! Let me dust off this playground title text… there we go! Nice and shiny and just on time because all that dust almost caused me to crash! To think, I thought the ants stealing cart accessories in Roadster Raceway was a problem, I’d fix that any day over having to deal with these spiders! Say, I heard my buddy Charlie Chamberpot has been hard at work lately, why don’t you go see if he could use some help?

Ah, nice to see you again, Toon! Don’t mind me, I’m just adding some metal to these trash cans so you can throw out those excess banana peels through the Gags page of your shtickerbook or by holding down your Gag menu key. This trusty dusty wrench hasn’t failed me yet! Just last week, I screwed in some new information that I received from Resistance Ranger Rest into the Pick-A-Gag UI in the Make-A-Toon menu, and now Toons are able to choose their Gags more wisely… unlike my poor decision to choose Trap without Lure when I first moved into Toontown. I just didn’t want to deal with the frustration of Cogs waking up after luring them. That’s why I’m going to give the metal I’m not using to Builder Bob, so he can build some better Lure gags that will keep the Cogs lured without the chance of them waking up.

Sadly, though, there’s no way to fix the five percent accuracy loss after every turn. Oh well, at least I have Sound! Speaking of terrible Gag choices, don’t even get me started on un-prestiged Zap! Builder Bob has been hard at work making sure those Gags still deal quite the shock to Cogs, and I heard they can now change directions after reaching the left hand limit. Pretty neat if you ask me.
So, Barry B. sent you? He and I go way back! I remember when we both got called to hammer some floorboards into the Sellbot Factory’s Paint Room. We crafted some stars with the paint we found to hang them around Cogs’ heads in order to indicate when Cogs are lured with prestiged Lure. We carried the left-over paint cans on our backs all the way to The Restoration Station, and now there are so many Toons walking around with blue ears and green eyes! Ah, good times!

Now, where was I? Can you pass me some glue, Toon? I just have to paste this together to make a Star-shaped ring for the Ring Game. I already finished making the Circle, Square, and Hexagon. Thanks pal, you’re quite the help! This should clear the confusion between players on the Trolley.

Don’t tell Barry I said this, but he really needs to tell the bees to stop flying around by the ponds. There are a couple streets where nobody wants to fish because they're afraid of bee-ing stung! Trust me, I got stung once taking down a beehive in Acorn Acres and it hurts! With the help of Fisherman Freddy, we are opening up more ponds in the streets that don’t already have them.

Well, thank you again for all your help, Toon! I should really get going, another kiwi’s boat broke down in Barnacle Boatyard! I hope you check out all the new changes in Toontown. Bye for now!

Thanks for playing our game!

You can read the full Patch Notes HERE

The v1.1.0 Update is the result of over 2 years of hard work by the Corporate Clash Crew! We cannot thank everyone on the team enough for the amount of work that went into this update, producing a truly monumental content update for the Toontown community to enjoy. Click HERE for an extensive list crediting everyone who worked on the v1.1.0 Update!