Halloween 2020: The Final Results!

Posted on by Rocky

How ya doing, Toons of the World? Blake Ice from The Chattering Chronicle here, reporting live from The Brrrgh! Toons all over town, from the botanical Daffodil Gardens to the harmonious Mezzo Melodyland, have gathered their anvils and let the pies fly in a spell-binding Halloween competition. Thousands of Cog Buildings have been taken down, and Toons have united to take down the wretched Count Erclaim! In just a moment we will be hearing from our eye witness, Resistance Ranger Rocky, who will be revealing which toony-tricksters have earned themselves an exclusive holographic Toontown: Corporate Clash sticker and a limited-edition acrylic pin! 

But first.. Let’s hear a word from our sponsor! 

Thank you Blake. Greetings Toons of the World, Rocky here! Halloween may not be my holiday, but I was overjoyed to see so many Toons lend a glove in the fight against the Cogs and that rotten Count Erclaim who still hasn’t paid for the bottle of ‘Chup he stole from me! That is not why I am here today though. Librarian Larry has finished writing and tallying up your scores on the chalkboard in Toon Headquarters and the results are in! Without further ado, here are the winners! 

Most Count Erclaim Battles Won: 
Grob, Pearly Whites, Beary Cool, Alice Pedaltoon, Fat Phil Superflinger, Pink And Proud, Illu, Noon, Reality Archmage, Rood Awakening

That's a lot of buildings!

Most Cog Building Floors Defeated:
Fidget Spinner, Captain Fireball Wildbumper, Nock, Princess Candy, Missed By A Hare, Kapam, Supersky, Bunnard T. Boo, Violet, Professor Wheeze

If you did not win one of these categories, do not fret! The Corporate Clash Crew has also randomly selected five lucky winners from the Toontown: Corporate Clash Discord! 
Yumeko, Demvare, Cinnamon, Prof. Ziggy Crumbleboom, Comet
Thank you, Rocky. You have it here folks, what a TOONTASTIC contest! Sources tell me that the Corporate Clash Crew has already reached out to all winners, and you should receive your prizes in the mail fairly soon. 

That’s all the time I have for today, thanks for TOON-ing in!