Tidying up Toontown

Posted on by Corporate Clash Team

Hey 'dere toons!

It's ya favorite toon in the trashcans around town, your own resident, Travis da Trashcat.

Now let me introduce myself. I take care of da trash around town!

Eatin' da garbage, collectin' up da rubbage, I'm a real do-it-all.

As a matta' of fact, lemme talk about my main passion: Trash.

It's simply delicious! I can't help myself from going around and pickin' it up.

Especially when I watch you toons covering those cogs in pie splats. Seeing those cogs covered in da pink cake frostin' is my favorite! It's like a plate all ready tah go!

And I've been real busy I'll have ya' know. I've seen dah progress dem toons were doin' in Acorn Acres and I gotta say, gettin' ta eat up the trash from dem old buildings were a pleasure.

In fact, da' whole place is looking mighty fine if you ask me, but most of da' stuff left around is sticks and leaves, and dat's more for da beava's.

Overall though, there's plenty of trash for me ta come pick up with all da renovatin' goin' on around town. It's a real treasure trove for a trash cat like me. But dere's always room for more as well, so da next time you sees me, come chat and just maybe I'll hook ya up with my own task for ya. Tink about it, I take care of all ya trash. It's a worthy cause ta help me out.

Anyways, I gots my eye on this fruit pie covered cog dis toon's battlin'. Seeing dat purple splatter's getting me ready for my dinna'. I'll have ta see you soon, I'm about ta get ta eatin'! See you around da garbage cans!