The v1.2.0 Update

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Red Alert! Red Alert! This is not a drill!
    Can you hear me? Oh good, there shouldn’t be any more chewing gum in the loudspeaker. Attention Toons, Rocky here. I apologize for being in a panic but the Toon Resistance needs your help!

    Last night,  my officers informed me that the C.L.O. has stepped up her game and will put an end to us “puny Toons” once and for all. Our sources have also heard some comments about a supposed Litigation Team teaming up with them to “lay down the law”.
Look Toon, I know this isn’t going to be easy but we need all gloves on deck!

    We have no time to waste, so let’s go over the plan!
First we will infiltrate the Headquarters under the disguise of Big Wigs.
If you have already maxed your Big Wig suit, you will earn an .exe disguise that you will build every time you defeat the C.L.O.! Once you get inside, go speak to Judy. That old bag always has her face in paperwork. If you fill some out for her, she should let you in.

    Break into the C.L.O.’s courtroom and take her down! You will probably have to get through her cog lackeys and the Litigation Team first. When you face the C.L.O herself, she will put up quite a fight, so the Toon Resistance has increased the maximum laff limit to 137 laff!

Alright comrade, time is running out. Bumpy Bumblebehr and Lauren will help you further when you get inside. Gather all your laff points, gags and friends, I'll try to keep everyone else calm. We must defend The Brrrgh!

Over and out,


Do YOU have what it takes?

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A Light Touch Up

    Ahhhhh! Welcome Loonies and GentleToons!

    I am the world famous artist Saliva Deli! Painter of the famous Lobster Telephone.

    As I was out fighting the Cogs, I noticed something quite unruly! Yes yes, quite unruly indeed! Toontown looks oddly drab as of late, yes quite outdated dare I might add! I felt as though it needed a touch of fresh air, something to reinvigorate its looks!

    I have commissioned new shtickerbooks for each and every Toon in Toontown! With this mighty splash of color, everything will look a pint better! In these splend-didly-doo new books, there lays a myriad of new pages! And even the old pages have had touch ups to give it a fresh new pick of paint! Ohhoha! Ah and my finest work, the disguise page, oh just peak your peepers upon those freshly filled tubes and that meter that is so clear that you might just use them as specks!

    Ahhhh! Not only that, but I have taken to the panel that oh so many Toons use to this day to battle the blasted Cogs, and repainted them as well! They were so very worn and torn by such common use by these fair citizens! Why, they were so old, you even may think they had yet to be replaced for the last 18 years!

    To think that the Toon Council would let them go to such a state of disrepair! Preposterous! How must a toon be forced to use such a worn down and damaged tracker for their gags? It boggles the very mind!

     Ahhaha! Yes, these look a mighty lick better!

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