Corporate Clash Quarterly Contest: "Count...Er...WHO?"

Posted on by The Corporate Clash Crew


Welcome to the official page for the Toontown: Corporate Clash Quarterly Contest! These contests are an opportunity for members of the Toontown: Corporate Clash community to compete in a large variety of contests to earn exclusive rewards not available anywhere else! Past examples include exclusive cosmetics / rewards, and the ability to impact the game permanently for everyone! All that’s needed for entry is a qualified submission and a registered Toontown: Corporate Clash account! Contests will be conducted in three phases: Entry Period, Voting, and Results, taking place over a multiple month period.  


  • Apr 8, 2022- The contest is announced and will run until May 23, 2022 . May 30, 2022 - The voting period begins for all qualifying submissions. 

  • June 8, 2022 - The results of the contest will be announced across all social media platforms, and the rewards will be distributed. 

  • July 2022 - The next contest will be announced. 

The Prize:

The prize for the Q2 2022 contest will be the Boardbot.exe Outfit, which is exclusive to this contest and not obtainable through any other means! The top 15 submissions will win this prize, an optional role in our official Discord server, as well as recognition across all social media pages!

The Contest: Count…Er…WHO?:

First there was Count Erclaim, then came Count Erfit. Just how many of these vampires are there?!? For this contest, your goal is to create a fictional “Count”, with your entry consisting both of a pun in the format of “Count INSERTWORDHERE”, as well as an illustration of a design for said character!


  • Names must be submitted in the format of “Count INSERTWORDHERE”. No other names or titles will be accepted! 
  • All submissions must include an original attached image, in the form of an illustration. Submissions that include work taken from other creators will automatically be disqualified. We do not tolerate plagiarism of any kind! 
  • ”Count” puns may end up being used multiple times by multiple submitters, and that is quite alright! As long as each submission has an original and high effort illustration attached, any coincidences in naming will be allowed for this contest.
  • All other Social Media Contest rules apply. Click HERE for a full list of general guidelines. 


Click HERE to be taken to the submission form for this contest!

For more information, including an FAQ and content licenses, click HERE for a full .PDF detailing this event.