A Sharp Change In Toon

Posted on by Board of Employee Morale

Memo Issue: 19-23-9-14-7-9-14-20-21-14-5-19-2-1-2-5

Attention employees of C.O.G.S. Incorporated:

After heavy review by the Board of Employee Morale, we have come to the conclusion that the company-provided music in the office buildings no longer represents the forward-thinking dynamics of our company and its interplay into the effectiveness of our work.

Effective immediately, all office buildings under the mantle of the Boardbot department will be required to introduce new music provided by the company, orchestrated by a recent hire. This should motivate greater efficiency in the workplace and better represent the leading-edge nature of the company.

Going forward, buildings under the jurisdiction of other departments will receive unique music more fitting of the part of the company they represent. This change is expected at a later date.

We intend this to be the first of many steps forward for the company. Previously, company office buildings were supplied with standard-set music designated for use under every department. The new music is designed to encourage an atmosphere more fitting for the assignments given to the department the office falls under. This change should encourage further productivity; befitting your designated department, as such the productivity quota for each employee in said buildings has been tripled. 

Any complaints or concerns of these alterations may be raised in writing to your manager, who will promptly send them to the round file.

-C.O.G.S. Inc, Board of Employee Morale

Note From The Team

Hey there Toons, sorry about the radio silence from the Corporate Clash Crew. We’ve been working on the v1.3.0 update for nearly a whole year now and it’s promising to be one of our biggest updates yet! Stay Tooned for more!

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