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Greetings from the glorious backstage, Toons of The World! I'm MasterFrasca, Creative Lead and Composer for the Toontown: Corporate Clash team!

So, recently, as hopefully you know, we've been working hard trying to get you TTCC in the best shape it possibly can be, and in this process, our Creative Team has been working day and night to do what they do best and help the project shine. But who are these people, and what do they do best? Well, I'm glad to be here to explain it to you! Our creative team is massive and spans many aspects of the game, and I hope that with this, you can gain a better understanding of just what all those creative members do exactly!

Texture Artists:

Texture Artists are members of the creative team in charge of creating textures and art to be used on in-game models and assets. Daaniel, Qpeck, and Poppy Cheezycorn are the three current texture artists on the team, and they've worked on everything from walls and floors to the gloves on a toon to the clouds in the sky. If it's colorful and 2D, they've had a hand in creating it!

Texture artists typically work closely with our modelers to create beautiful surfaces to wrap around the modeler's work. They also work closely with our programmers to help create GUI assets and all the buttons and levers that help you navigate the many menus in the game. These artists typically know how to use a variety of 2D art programs such as Photoshop or GIMP, and are familiar with overlaying 2D drawing surfaces to 3D objects through a detailed process called UV mapping.


Modelers are members of the creative team that are tasked with forming the models and landscapes of Toontown alongside the objects within. Toon Models, Buildings, and more are created by our modelers. If it has an "x", a "y", and a "z", then they can make it happen. Polygon and Frizzy are the two 3D masters here at Corporate Clash, having help to create everything from Acorn Acres to the delicious cream pies that your toon can use to beat back the cogs.

Modelers typically work closely with our texture artists to create believable and aesthetically pleasing models to later become textured. These artists typically know how to use 3D modeling software such as Blender or Maya and have experience in creating both visual art and technical collisions all while keeping memory low.


Animators are members of the creative team that bring the 3D models created by our modelers to life. If a toon runs, a cog walks, or a pie splats satisfyingly in an enemies face, you can thank an animator for making it look hilarious and natural. Currently, WubWub is the only animator on the team, but already she has helped immensely to take the models created by Polygon and kick them up a notch.

Animators typically work closely with our modelers to take existing 3D models and rig them to move around. They then take these rigs and create animated frames to be used in code for many varieties of purposes. Animators typically have experience in motion planning and with modelling software such as Blender or Maya.


Composers are members of the creative team that bring joy to the ears of all our players. They create the musical score used throughout the game as well as helping with any sound-related media. If you hear the distinct sound of instruments in your ear, a composer was there. Corporate Clash currently has two composers on the team, and that would be me and Purest Melody!

Composers typically work closely with the rest of the creative team to take existing assets and create musical themes that fit closely with said assets. Composers are typically familiar with a MIDI sequencing program such as Mixcraft, FL studio, or Finale, and more often than not they have a background in the musical arts.

Brand Artists:

Brand Artists are people that would be in charge of creating art that would represent Toontown Corporate Clash as a brand. Things like logos, icons to be used for social media, launcher assets, art for the main website and generally things that would be associated with Corporate Clash without being directly tied into the game files would fall to this position. Typically someone who works as a Brand Artist for us also tends to help with other game-related media, such as in-universe comics or Blog Post art. Kale, McZoop, and Bannini are the three brand artists currently working on the team. They help to create comics and the lovely images you're seeing on the blog right now!

Brand Artists typically work closely with our Tech team, drawing up both conceptual and final versions of digital assets for them to use in the digital space. Brand Artists typically have experience in 2D illustration software such as Illustrator or GIMP.

Concept Artists:

Concept Artists are people in charge of coming up with new and creative projects and characters to add into the game down the line. Things like Playground model ideas, NPC characters, events, and conceptual assets for all things far and wide are what concept artists work on. Artzy, Dr. Mawsh, SpookiRandi, and Wugga are all concept artists that help with the team. They've helped create new clothing designs, new playground layouts, and new events for down the line!

Concept Artists typically don't work extremely close with anyone on the team. They are free most times to come up with ideas on their own, with little guidance, and with little limitation. Concept Artists typically have experience with 2D art techniques and can use programs like Illustrator and GIMP, although good old pencil and paper can be enough for these artists most times!

Video Editors:

Although skirting the line a little between technical knowledge and creative skills, Video Editors are members of the creative team that do exactly what you'd think. TA418 is our resident video editor and has had a massive hand in creating and editing the videos on our Youtube and other social media platforms. Without TA, there'd be no way of showing the visual and aural changes to grace TTCC.

Our Video Editor is adept in Adobe After Effects CC and Premiere CC and works closely with the rest of our creative team and tech team. He helps to take assets in game and scenes in engine to allow for a glimpse into what is possible in the game and to what we wish to show to the public before its release.

Content Director:

Although singular in his position, it's important to finally mention LoopyGoopyG, our Content Director. Like myself, he helps to organize the team and plan out all future content to be added or changed in game. He dabbles in just about every field here alongside me to make sure that our team is together and organized, as well as helping anyone in need of assistance. If a creative member doesn't know what to do or isn't sure how to go about doing something, they ask Loopy. Loopy and I have worked closely for months now on planning the content we hope to show off soon.

And so you have the creative team: Myself, Artzy, Bannini, Daaniel, Dr. Mawsh, Frizzy, Kale, LoopyGoopyG, Polygon, Poppy Cheezycorn, Purest Melody, Qpeck, SpookyRandi, TA418, Wubwub, Wugga, and McZoop.

From all of us here on the Corporate Clash Crew, we hope to see you in game soon!

Have a Toontastic Weekend!