Courtroom Contestors

Posted on by C.O.G.S., Incorporated

Attention lawyers, legists, and Litigators,

Following the practices of affiliated departments under the Coal, Oil, and Gas Syndicate Incorporated, we have sent musical accompaniment to be considered De Novo. These will be supplied to existing Lawbot Offices beginning at the start of the work week, following immediately after the end of the previous work week.

Under Employee Guidelines & Expectations page 1959, section 5-4, all employees of the corporation will be required to enjoy the music, or suffer legal consequence and immediate termination. Distaste of the composition is a direct violation of employment contracts. In the event a coworker is seen dissatisfied with the music provided, notify your manager immediately. Compensation for such information will be provided in the form of an additional 5 minute break, for a total of 6 minutes allotted per week.

Social Contest Voting Begins! - Vote For Whichever Dastardly Dweller of Darkness You Think Is The Best!

Good morning Toons of The World, near and far!

Some time ago, we announced the beginning of a new contest, making the best, creepiest, and most creative addition to the Count family you can! We got a lot of spectacularly spooky submissions! We went through every creepy cog, and some are so spooky it was almost too much for the Corporate Clash Crew to handle! 

We can’t possibly pick the best, so that’s up to you! Click HERE to look through each of them! Vote for the ones you think are the funniest, spookiest, best, or most creative you see! Don’t forget your nightlight for this phantasmic photo filing!

Read the full Patch Notes HERE!

And if you want to jam out to the new Lawbot building music, you can listen to it on our Youtube HERE!