Salesman Swing

Posted on June 27, 2022 by C.O.G.S., Incorporated

Salutations Sellbots, Salesmen, and Silver Tongues,

In an attempt to increase our approval ratings amongst commercial peers, we have distributed new musical backing tracks to all offices of the Toontown region. These tracks were found to have nearly unanimous approval from marketing focus groups, all who voted against provided music were promptly sent to clean out their desks. The goal of these tracks is to improve our personality towards our market and future customers.

With these highly marketable tunes we have a new goal across the piece going forward. Modernize. Innovate. What is innovation? Innovation is perfection. Perfection is the goal of business. Forward thinking drives the world, we are forward thinking, we drive the world. What are we driving towards? Dynamic solutions. What is a dynamic solution? COGS Incorporated. Remember that.

With the increased marketability of these tracks the board demands a 30% increase in sales marks. Failure to reach these expectations will result in a docked budget for the office and heavy review of your value to COGS incorporated.

Remember to keep smiling. Or else.

Note From The Team

Wanna check out the smooth songs of the Sellbot offices? You can find them right HERE

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