Musical Monstrosity

Posted on by Dave BruBot

What’s the tap, fast cat?

Lookin at the ink notes, it is plain paper to see that my time taking tunes tapped the top charts totalling Toontown! From the swingin’ Sellbots and cherry-minted Cashbot-cues to the beat-boppin Boardbots and the beautiful blues blasted by the best (me), Cogs cognitive to creative concoction of cues and cords can’t quit crankin’ the concerto concords created by yours truly.

The blues can’t catch me babe; not a Suit nor Toon can rain on my parade, full-stop the monsoonery buffoonery, save the sad sappery susceptible to shifts and swings sorry baby I only shift and swing!

For the fans furiously fanning and fawning fully-forced forte funky cha-cha for the fortissimo figure from I, Dave BruBot, I’m gonna tap the moon, babe! Nothing pops harder than the songs of satisfaction singing strong skibdobidodododeeh!

With music, ya really gotta set the pace, set the time, time changes, so take four. When the ace is in your sleeve, sing a song if you stutter or ya stumble, sing the strings straight so: skibadee skibadoo! Throw them for the shuffle, spin the wheel, see them blue! Consult the buzz if the buzz blasts back the blues berate, celebrate babe, the moon’s over the hill.

Swing that music babe, but if the music don’t swing back, find a new tune to tap to, and baby I have some new tunes to tap to comin’ up on time. Timeout and time further out; no matter how far you go the music follows, and it’s getting fast.

Now now now, babe, the blues may catch ya if ya don’t hear from me soon, but you’ll see me sooner than you may be ready for, so watch your backs and watch the top tracks baby I am on the town! Take note of the notable notes and notations noted nearby, baby. Find the rhythm, find the swing, and you may just find me, babe.                                                                                               
The Notes!

Puzzled baby? Take notes and play a piece to remember me by. You can’t stop the music, nobody can stop the music, and babe, the music is me. Get ready to tango-ago-go-go baby; the town ain’t ready for the next drop.

  • Dave BruBot, Musical Maestro and Master of Melody