Corporate Clash Quarterly Contest: "Silly Summer Sketches"

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Welcome to the official page for the Toontown: Corporate Clash Quarterly Contest! These contests are an opportunity for members of the Toontown: Corporate Clash community to compete in a large variety of contests to earn exclusive rewards not available anywhere else! Past examples include exclusive cosmetics / rewards, and the ability to impact the game permanently for everyone! All that’s needed for entry is a qualified submission and a registered Toontown: Corporate Clash account! Contests will be conducted in three phases: Entry Period, Voting, and Results, taking place over a multiple month period.  


  • July 5, 2022- The contest is announced and will run until August 20, 2022 . 
  • August 27, 2022 - The voting period begins for all qualifying submissions.  
  • September 4, 2022 - The results of the contest will be announced across all social media platforms, and the rewards will be distributed.  
  • October 2022 - The next contest will be announced. 

The Prize:

The prize for the Q3 2022 contest is a 1-week long booster applicable towards all facets of EXP earned in-game, known as the All-Star Booster! This special Booster, available starting with the v1.3.0 Update, gives a boost to Gag Experience, Jellybeans, Merits, Boss Rewards, and Department Experience! Unlike how boosters work in-game currently, the amount of time remaining will only deplete through play time, meaning you’ll have about 168 in-game hours worth of boosted, well, everything! You’ll also receive a code for the exclusive Chairman outfit!

A BRAND-NEW Type Of Booster!

The Contest: Silly Summer Sketches
The provided template for all entries!

The feeling of summer is in the air, with sunshine and fun across everywhere! For this quarter’s contest, use the template supplied above to create a comic showing off what the Toon of your choice is doing this season! Whether they’re relaxing by the waters of Barnacle Boatyard, camping in the woods of Acorn Acres, or hosting a birthday party at an estate, it’s up to you to tell that tale through a 4 panel comic. Comics can be hand drawn, put together using in-game screenshots, or using any other medium that can fit within the template!


  • The provided template must be used as a base with no major alterations made to the format. You are free to change any colors and / or stylization of the base template, however the size of the image and the final panels must stay exactly the same.
  • Your comic must consist of 4 panels, no more and no less.
  • Stories must be completely original and written by the person submitting the entry. The prompt must be followed, and no plagiarism or spoofing of any kind will be allowed. For the sake of this specific contest, this also means no copypastas and / or riffs on popular media, memes, or other writing of any kind.
  • All other Social Media Contest rules apply. Click HERE for a full list of general guidelines. 


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For more information, including an FAQ and content licenses, click HERE

That's all for this blogpost. Best of luck to all who decide to enter and we'll see you again when it's time to announce all of the entries!